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March 29th, 2006

This is not really today’s post.

I’m not sure there *will* be a post today, as I’m back at work with a bad something-or-other – you know, the kind of cold they always get in anime, where they have fevers and hallucinations and you wonder, “Who on earth gets a cold like that?” Well, that’s what I have today. And boy you should have seen me in my morning training session…it was special, I can tell you.)

In any case, I wanted to once again say “you’re welcome” to all the many, many people who wrote in to thank me for the notes on the Maria-sama ga Miteru novels. I cannot tell you how good it makes me feel to know that you all enjoy reading them. They will be coming a bit slower from now on, as I have to summarize the whole book, rather than just note differences between novel and anime. But they will keep coming, I promise. :-)

Also, I thought it might be fun to do a Q&A entry one day soon, so I am offering up this idea to you:

Send me a question – any question, about anything, whether anime, manga, life, whatever, yuri-related or not – and I will give you my honest (at least at that moment) opinion on it. Want to know what I REALLY think of Kannazuki no Miko, or gay marriage or The Planets (Gustave Holst’s or Dava Sobel’s, your choice) or anything else? Send in questions to the comments section of this entry, or email me at, and I will, in a future post, give you my honest, sincere and completely biased opinions.

Why do I think you care about my opinions? Well, I have several reasons. In every panel or lecture I ever do, a largish bulk of the questions start with “What do you think about…?” I’ve been asked my opinion of gay life, Dragonball Z, the manga industry in Japan and America, the definition of a multitude of Japanese words and concepts, and my understanding of just about every possible anime or manga that ever might be considered to have even some yuri content. Not to mention various formats for writing, creating characters, how to handle negative email, open admiration from fans, and derision.

And lastly, you’re reading this web log, which makes me believe that you care about my opinion – even if it is only to scoff at it.

In other words, for good or bad, people seem to care about my opinion.

So, feel free to send me a question and sometime in the next week or so, I’ll answer it here. All questions welcome, although I may combine questions for neatness or ignore incredibly rude and stupid ones. Or maybe not. :-) I guess we’ll see, won’t we? lol

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I might as well ask the most obvious question (to me): Which Lillian schoolgirl would you want to be?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope you feel beter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well-wishing ahoy! Also, since it’s an anime-cold, make sure to stay in bed with a folded wet cloth on your forehead.

    Oh, and I STILL want to know if you think Rei and Yoshino are sleeping together. And hey, I can’t seem to remember any evidence besides their word that they really are cousins…

  4. kaei says:

    Thank you for thanking us for thanking you – it’s always hard to know if one’s gratitude is properly communicated the intended recipient, and your acknowledgment of it makes me feel relieved.

    At any rate, question … off the top of my head: not sure if you are familiar with the fanfiction of Paul Corrigan, (and I don’t mean to plug someone else’s work on your site, nor am I affiliated with Paul Corrigan in any way) – but after your reading of the Marimite novels and such, what do you think of his characterization of Yumi and Sachiko in fanfics like this one? – Just curious on your take on it.

    Second question: any opinions on Shizuru and Natsuki of Mai Hime/Otome fame? (or any of the other couplings in that universe)

    And while I’m at it, what DO you think of Kannazuki no Miko? :P

    Hope you feel better.

  5. Anonymous says:

    First, I hope you’ll get better soon. Colds are nasty, even if they are of the anime variety.

    Second, I forgot to write a thank-you comment on the novel notes posts. So, I’ll do it here: Thank you for the summaries. They’re super-awesome.

    Third, a question: who is the greatest anime villain of them all?

  6. Claudia says:

    get better soon!!

    and now XD a Q
    Do you know if anything ever happends between sachiko and yumi? >.

  7. Since you can never have too many well-wishers, hope you feel better soon.

    And I’ve been wondering for a while, what exactly are your feelings about the ‘onee-sama complex’ in Yuri? It’s one thing I’ve never seen you write about, although it’s possible I may have missed it.

  8. Serge says:

    Send me a question – any question, about anything, whether anime, manga, life, whatever, Yuri-related or not – and I will give you my honest (at least at that moment) opinion on it.

    Whatever, huh? ;) OK. How about a softball. Flat tax. Yes or No?

  9. Anonymous says:

    My question, should you choose to answer it, is: Aside from the ones you’ve mentioned here on Okazu (or maybe even including them, for those who haven’t read all the archives), what original Yuri doujinshi circles do you read?

    Oh, and again, thanks for all you do. It really is appreciated. :)


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