Maria-sama ga Miteru: Drama CD 8 – Itoshiki Saigetsu

April 24th, 2006

There’s a good chance that this, the eighth Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD, Itoshiki Saigetsu is my second favorite, coming close after Ibara no Mori/Forest of Thorns.

Considering that this, of all the Marimite stories has the very least Yuri of all, you’re probably wondering “why?” The answer is simple – this Drama CD is hysterically funny.

One of the things missing from the anime for this arc was the low comedy – the slapstick silliness that characterized Yumi’s impression of Rosa Foetida’s apparent waywardness. And the anime also cut Sachiko’s anti-adultery rant which is totally worth hearing, just because it *is* shocking. For a clearer idea of why this is a funny story, you might want to take a look at my review of the novel of the same name, Maria-sama ga Miteru Itoshiki Toshitsuki. It’s a funny novel, and this drama CD has a lot of fun with the goofy mistaken identities and implied sexual misconduct. The CD is also way faster paced than the anime, which worked well for broad comedy.

This disk also includes the story of the graduating Rosa’s party. Funny as hell, even without visuals – and Itou Miki gets to laugh a little harder this time around like she’s supposed to instead of Sachiko’s reserved chuckle from the anime. ^_^


Art – N/A
Character – 9
Story – 8
Music – N/A
Yuri – 1
Service – 1

Overall – 8 In this case, the story rules.

As a silly little fun thing, I took a picture of all the plastic stand-up dolls that live on my work desk that were extras from the first half dozen drama cds. It’s not a good picture – I took it with my phone in poor lighting, but you’ll get the point.

Someone asked me a gazillion years ago for a picture of them. Here it is. ^_^

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