Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime 4, Part 3

April 27th, 2006

Okay, okay, I have finally read “Nanami to Misuzu”. So, Misuzu is having weird dreams. In the first, she imagines herself in a field of flowers, making a cute little flower garland. But when she puts it on what is originally Nanami, it all of a sudden turns into Ichijou-sempai! Misuzu awakes in a sweat, and is asked by her maid if there is anything wrong. But…OMG! The maid is Ichijou-sempai! But, no, it’s not Ichijou Rina, Misuzu’s sempai, but her nearly identical younger sister Runa. To further confound and confuse Misuzu, at school Ichijou-sempai (the real one) gives Misuzu back her flower garland from the dream. Misuzu gives it to Nanami. The cat girl cheerfully relates that she has six sisters: Hitomi, Futami, Minami, Yoshimi, Itsumi, Mutsumi and, of course, she is the seventh sister – Nanami. (If you didn’t follow that, it’s a counting thing – 1-7.) When Runa arrives, Misuzu calls her Ichijou-san, which brings Rina out to join them. Utter nonsense occurs for the entirety of the last page.

“Simoun” – at last, we’ll have two whole chapters to work with. Before the new chapter we get a color page with pictures, captions, etc of the anime – pretty shiny ad basically. This is followed by the standard color pages of anime we are already talking about at the Yuricon Mailing List. You can find reviews of all of them here on Okazu, as well: Strawberry Panic, Loveless, and Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl. The last color page has random Yuri-flavored goods, CDs and manga that have largely also been covered here on Okazu. ^_^

The new issue of “Simoun” begins with Neviru dreaming of her former partner, Amuria. When she wakes, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to fly again with anyone. Looking over, she sees Aeru curled up n the floor uncovered, covers her gently with a blanket and sits with her for a while.

The next day Lodoreamon, one of the pilots of Call Tempest, is having a crisis of identity. She’s afraid to continue as a pilot, but hasn’t decided what to do about going to the sacred spring. When Aeru approaches, she finds Lodoreamon with another pilot whose name we don’t yet know. Both Aeru and the other pilot are firm in their desire to be pilots. Mamina, Lodoreamon’s partner, arrives and snidely suggets that eru doesn’t want to fight and fly so much as simply be Neviru, the Golden Pristess’ partner. Mamina snarks about Aeru’s sharing a room with Neviru, when there are perfectly good empty rooms available. Neviru shows up and says it’s not big thing to share the room, but mamina insists that as Neviru is a special person, it *is* a big thing. The unnamed pilot takes her leave, since “this conversation has nothing to do with me.” Aeru comments that she doesn’t know the girl’s name, and is told by mamina that she its not neccessary to have that information.

When challenged about her non-decision to go to the spring, Aeru says that she’s accepted her path in life and feels good about it. She’ll know when it’s time – right now, she has something else she wants to do. Her tranquility revives Neviru for a moment, but she subsides back into melancholy quickly. Lodoreamon worries that Mamina resents her staying with her in the same room. Mamina says that if she wants a partner to protect her, she should go find herself one that plans on becoming a man. Lodoreamon is devastated, and Mamina is obviously using tough love, which is hurting her a little as well.

Neviru and Aeru has a private little conversation about how much Aeru loves the sky and wants to fly. Neviru lightens up, going so far as to take Aeru’s hand, but once agin, her eyes drop and she pulls back as she thinks about Amuria. Aeru continues, though, commenting how in the sky, there are no borders or boundaries.

Mamina interrupts, harshly mentioning that that kind of thinking could get them killed, how they are focusing on a dream, rather than reality. Mamina challenges Aeru – if Aeru doesn’t fly with enough skill then Mamina would become Neviru’s partner. Aeru refuses – she says she wants to fly with Neviru, but has no interest in flying with Mamina. Neviru commands Aeru to fly with the other woman. Aeru agrees, since Neviru wishes it. Over to the side, Parieta and another pilot watch Lodoreamon during all this. They ask if she’s worried – she says she is.

Aeru and Mamina almost immediately run into a crisis, forcing Mamina to admit her own confusions and concerns. They recover and land, whereupon Lodoreamon runs up and calls Mamina an idiot for risking herself that way. Lodoreamon says that she wants to be with mamina, to be at her side – not to be protected by her, but to share life with her and fly with her. Mamina lightens up enough to tell her to do what she wants, which is about as good as Lodoreamon was every gonna get, so she’s happy. Pleased that they made up, Aeru turns to Neviru, only to be told that Neviru cannoy be her partner. End of long chapter – to be continued next volume.

“Voiceful” begins the final chapter with Hina about to do a live radio show. She hits a wall and can’t speak, much less sing, until Kaede comes to the rescue. They, after a mutual confession, presumably live happily ever after. ^_^

Mucchiri Muuni continues her story from last issue with “Song Song Roman”. Tsubaki and Umi are at school where Sa-chan, a younger student has developed a raging crush on Tsubaki. Umi finds herself obsessed and jealous – and freaked out by her own emotions. When Sa-chan confesses to Tsubaki, she is rejected bluntly – and to make matters worse – Tsubaki kisses Umi in front of her. Sa-chan cries uncle, and school life goes on happily.

And that, as they say, is that. ^_^

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  1. Susan Davis says:

    Squee! More Simoun! I wish my Japanese reading skills were up to reading the original….

    Is the “unnamed Sibylla” one of the ones identifiable on the Wikipedia page for the anime, or is she someone who only appears in the manga? (And Rodoraemon x Mamiina? Interesting, not that we’ve met Mamiina yet in the anime. But we did just have the “I’m not going to be your pair” moment in this week’s anime episode.)

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