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May 13th, 2006

The only reason I haven’t posted a review the last few days, was that I was feeling lazy. To make it up to you, I thought I’d post a list of the blogs *I* read regularly. These are in no particular order. You may wonder why I don’t just include them on the side bar as links. Don’t apply for a mangerial position anywhere until you *do* understand why. :-) If you understand why, then you know what I mean. LOL

The Dilbert Blog – I read Scott Adam’s blog regularly not because I think he’s smarter or funnier than I am, but because his comments about the kinds of things he deals with from his “fans” so eerily parallel my own experiences and ideas that I find it relaxing to read his expressions of the kinds of things I think and say all the time myself.

Aozora Art – This is Rica Takashima’s (yuri manga artist extraordinaire and author of Rica ‘tte Kanji!”,) blog (in Japanese.) We pretty much keep in touch all the time anyway, but I enjoy reading her thoughts about her art projects and even her day-to-day minutiae.

Cocktail Party Physics is not only fun, intelligent, fascinating and noteworthy, but also written by a good friend of mine. I like reading CPP if only to remind myself that once upon a time I considered becoming a physicist. :-) Jen’s writing is sharp and fun. And the cocktail recipes in the sidebar are a scream.

Zyl has become a good friend of Yuricon, and I find myself reading Hontou ni so omou? more and more often. I don’t watch every anime he’s watching, or agree with all of his opinions, but he’s funny, he plugs Yuricon and Okazu all the time and I find myself wanting to know what he thinks – especially when we don’t agree.

Blogorrhea is a blog I have only recently started following. Lee Kottner is a fellow fanfic and professional author and all around creative type. Last time we spent time together, we decided that, despite the several years difference in our ages, we must have been separated at birth…it was getting a little creepy, in fact. :-)

Yuri Kokoro is a Japanese yuri blog I’ve mentioned on Okazu before. I admit I haven’t been checking it with the same frequency I used to, for various reasons. I’m going to get back in the habit.

I scan a bunch of other blogs too, for personal and professional interest: Slashdot, PC World, Researchbuzz, Dialog Updated Bluesheets, Yuri News. I also check the Anime News Network, Anime Nation news, and ICV2 from time to time.

And lastly, I read a bunch of Japanese yuri artist’s websites, whenever I have a free moment. But I’ll save that for a future post.

I’m spending the weekend doing some reading – the 14th Marimite novel, Suzukaze Satsusatsu, and the original Hana no Asuka-gumi supplementary stories, and I hope to get some writing for Saiyuu no Ryouko in. I’ll be back with reviews next week!

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  1. Zyl says:

    Thanks for the plug, Erica! Okazu, the Yuricon mailing list, Lililicious et al have been great – welcoming, fun and well-informed.

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