WTF: Moetan

June 15th, 2006

No, I have not all of a sudden lost my mind and decided I like moe, or loli.

I do, however, like language. And Moetan is, at least partially, about language. This particular edition of Moetan came as a furoku with one of the issues of monthly Dengeki Daioh and the “language lessons” are drawn from well-known and largely yuri-ful Dengeki series. Which is why I want to share this with you.

Each chapter has a theme and a series from which all the sentences are pulled: Abuse (Shakugan no Shana), Recovery (Gunslinger Girl), Asssertion (Ichigo Mashimaro), Surprise (Yotsubato), Drawing Back (Tsukihime), Setting Up a Flag (Onegai Twins), Asking (Sokyuu no Fafnir), Invitations (Uchuu no Stellvia), Repudiation (Azumanga Daioh), Commands (Eikyuu Alice), Praise (BLOOD ALONE), Contradictions (Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl), Negation (Hayate x Blade) and violent anger (Ninin ga Shinobuden).

Really, just the chapter themes are weird enough, but the sentences they “teach” are barking mad. LOL

Just a few notable examples for your reading pleasure:

Asssertion (Ichigo Mashimaro) – “You think little of doctors, don’t you?”

Surprise (Yotsubato) – “Have milk – no matter when or where!”

Setting Up a Flag (Onegai Twins) – “I tend to faint if I get too surprised.”

Invitations (Uchuu no Stellvia) – “Thrown out of the game after 30 seconds! That’s a new record!”

Repudiation (Azumanga Daioh) – “Of course we aren’t allowed to, but let’s have a good time anyway!”

Contradictions (Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl) – “A plague of aliens? What a silly idea!”

And the winner and still champeen, best line of the book. From the chapter Negation, this quote from Hayate x Blade:

“None of my students would wear a shopping bag.”

I love that line. :-)

No ratings, because it’s just stupid. But if you get a chance, and I’m around, ask me if you can see it. It’s pure crack. :-)

(Note to the person who commented with a link to some site with repulsive “moe” pictures…don’t bother. I won’t be approving those.)

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