Yuricon News: Big Update at Yuricon!

July 8th, 2006

Lots of new stuff on the Yuricon Website!

Yuri Studios: Seven new yuri-themed AMVs – the runner up entries from the Anime Music Video Contest are now available for download from Yuri Studios. Winning entries coming soon!

New Events on the Yuricon Event Page: More yuri panel listings from around the world – and two exciting ALC and Yuricon sponsored events. Check back regularly for updates on Yuri Events.

New items on the Yuricon Shop:

Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD: Nakaniyono
Yokohama Shopping Log Drama CDs
Yuri Drama CDs.

Yuri Manga from Amazon Japan:
Aria 8
Yuri Hime 5

Yuri Manga from Amazon:
Strawberry Marshmallow 1

New Anime:
Loveless, Volumes 2 and 3:

Zeromus One gives us three wonderful new images of Yuriko and her
friends from SnB and SnR on the Gallery of Yuriko Fanart:


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