Back from Otakon

August 8th, 2006

So tired… ;-)

Thanks to everyone who helped staff the Yuricon/ALC Publishing booth (especially Ashara and An, who came out of nowhere with mad yuri retail skills). My undying devotion to all my minions and sycophants, who made the weekend loads o’ fun and very successful. Bruce, Serge, Sean, Katie – thanks for a *great* yuri panel. And many thanks to all the folks who stopped by and supported our yuri work!

Boo to people who bought yuri paddles (which are like giant signs that say “I’m a jerk”) but did NOT bother to pick up a book (or anything else) from the ONLY publisher of 100% yuri in the world. And, hello – there are really spiffy not generic “I Love Yuri” t-shirts on the Yuricon Shop. Get ’em there, instead of places that couldn’t care less about yuri, ‘kay? Thanks.

I’ve got important news and lots of good reviews coming, so tune back in tomorrow!

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