Yuri Artbook: Urushihara Satoshi Illustrations "Sigma"

August 16th, 2006

It may not be a great luxury in your life, and yet takings surrounded by our “Golusia” means a comfortable daily life.”

This bit of wisdom was brought to you by my “Golusia” cookies. I don’t know if my daily life is comfortable, but the cookies were good.

I gave blood today – for the first time in my life. (Too sick to give for most of that, bad timing for the last few years.) As a result I’m way too stupid tonight to review anything complex. An artbook full of shiny, mostly naked women is about all I can handle.

Sigma, Urushihara Satoshi’s most recent artbook, is definitely full of shiny women. As usual with Urushihara, his characters look like they’ve chosen the “deluxe wax” service at the car wash, with full detailing.

There’s the usual fetishes: maids, creepy positions, weapons, nuns, nurses and a couple of spiffy, shiny-but-fully-clothed yaoi pics. And there’s some fun moments of “oh, look!” art from his own series like Plastic Little and Ragnarock. Surprisingly (to me, at least, as I do not stay up on such things) there’s also some very decent fan art of other creators’ series, including a really decent (clothed) picture of Mashiro, Mai and Arika from Mai Otome.

Following all this shininess is a short comic called “RC Twins” which has elements of Chirality and elements of Dirty Pair.

And an added bonus, the book comes with a gigantic full-color poster of a naked woman, with a picture of two naked women on the back. (The wife says, “I see your naked woman and raise you TWO naked women!”) Also included is a card that changes when you shift the position – you know the kind I mean. It has two women who are either in bikinis or naked depending. Hours of fun….


Art – 7
Story for the manga – 4
Service – 10
Yuri – 6

Overall – 7 (As long as you don’t mind shiny, naked women)

Now I’m singing that song by REM… “Shiny, naked women holding hands…” … I think I saw some art for Chirality and Front Innocent, too. I wonder how many other series of his I’m not seeing.

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2 Responses

  1. Tsutako says:

    The Otome picture–does it happen to be the one he did for the cover of one of those DNA anthologies for the same series? I can find you the Amazon link when I get home if it saves you effort.
    -Tsu (with vague curiosity)

  2. No need (but thanks for the offer, you’re such a nice girl. ^_^) I did a little digging and yes, it appears to be the same picture. Shinz had mentioned that he had done one, so I’m not surprised that this is it.

    For anyone interested in interested in the anthology, or the cover art,the link to it on Amazon JP is: http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4056043663/sr=8-1/qid=1155732616/ref=sr_1_1/250-5609999-1081800?ie=UTF8&s=gateway

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