Events: ALC Publishing at MangaNEXT

October 4th, 2006

ALC Publishing, the only all-Yuri publisher in North America, is proud to be a participant in this weekend’s first ever celebration of American “manga culture”, MangaNEXT, in Secaucus, NJ.

ALC will have a booth in the Dealer’s Room, where you can get your copy of our 100% yuri anthology Yuri Monogatari signed by artists Althea Keaton and Sergio Aviles, or a copy of Shoujoai ni Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko autographed by yours truly!

Here is the panel/ workshop schedule where ALC staff and guests can be found:


4PM – Sailor Moon (Erica) We’ll gab about whatever strikes our fancy, like, oh, who our favorite Senshi is… ;-)

10PM – Yuri (Erica, Bruce, Sean and whoever else joins us) We’re going down memeory lane as we talk about our first yuri loves – manga series, that is.


4PM – ALC Publishing (Erica, Sergio, Althea) Win prizes with our ALC trivia contest and be there for our special announcement! :-)

10PM – Drawing Yuri Workshop (Althea) Get great tips on “drawing lesbians” from a four-time contributor to Yuri Monogatari.


10 AM – Light Novels (Erica, Sean) At last! A place to talk about the Marimite Novels, as well as the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, and many more popular light novel series.

2 PM – Dengeki Daioh (Erica) I’ll lead a discussion about the magazine that launched a zillion yuri series…and a whole lot of non-yuri ones too. :-)

Also of interest:

Sin Comix – a circle of women who draw hentai, because they feel like it. Includes a gal who does yuri. (Friday)

Sean Gaffney will be facilitating the general Hentai discussion (Saturday)

and loads and loads of how-to workshops and in depth discussions on everything about manga from specific genres to the difference between American and Japanese narrative.

Industry: Marvel, ALC, Dark Horse, Media Blasters, Drama Queen, Vertical and more!

Don’t miss a chance to take part in this exciting next generation of event!

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