Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime 6, Part 2

November 1st, 2006

We left off from Part 1 after the essays about classic yuri series, this time, about two wonderful gender-bendy girl prince stories, Paros no Ken, Sword of Paros and Berusaiyu no Bara, Rose of Versailles.

This essay is followed by another new one-shot, “Pajama Yoru Hanashi”, about a bunch of girls at a pajama party. One confesses to liking someone. Under cover of the usual squeals and fuss, another girl pretty much figures its her.

Akiko Morishima is, in real life, a lovely, polite woman. In the day I spent in her company, she never once drooled, nose bleeded or otherwise acted in unflattering or pervy ways. :-) I say this because in her Yuri x Yuri report this issue, you’d never know that, from the way she draws herself as a slavering freak. ^_^; (She’s also much prettier than she draws herself, I have to say.) In this issue, she and Paiin-sama, her editor, visit a girl’s school festival. From the first time she’d addressed with “Gokigenyou”, Akiko’s a mess. It’s absolutely hysterical. I think she hits every possible stereotype and festish possible at school festivals…of which there seem to be many.

Takahashi Mako’s “Broken Rock Crystal Sugar” is a story about a lonely girl from a broken home finding light in the company of her best friend. It’s got the usual grim quality that keeps me from ever loving Mako’s work, but it’s less grim than most, which makes it good by that standard. :-)

The fractured, erm, Yurified fairy tale is Cinderella! A fine candidate for Yurification, as other than the prince, all the characters are women. Some nice servicey pictures of Cinderella helping dress her stepsisters – and her ES is suitably evil-eyebrowed and elegant. The Queen (no prince here) is pretty cute and even the witch gets the lipstck lesbo look. Of all of these fairy tales I think this one has got to be my favorite.

“Nanami and Misuzu” gets color pages! I wish it helped! Mushrooms, cell phones, getting lost in the woods and Rina-sempai’s offbeat behavior continue the Standard Operating Wackiness. (S.O.W.)

In “Hatsukoi Shimai” Haruna has just walked away from Chika in an espcially hurtful manner. Akiho vows to be there for Chika, and asks Chika to believe in her sister. Meanwhile, Teshigwara smiles and it creeps everyone right out the door…. Chika and Akiho’s class is working with Haruna’s class for the festival to do…erm, something. Haruna and Chika make beaded things, much as they did in the Hatsukoi Shimai Drama CD. They make little beaded rings and exchange them. As Haruna leaves, Touko-sensei berates her for being cruel. Akiho comes to her rescue, Touko retreats. That night Akiho finds Haruna in tears by her bed. We have a goofy interlude where Miyu (also from the Drama CD and the third volume of Yuri Shimai…and someone that no one but me remembers…) attempts to make grumpy Kirika (Miyu’s girlfriend and ditto all of the above) wear a frilly maid outfit. Touko-sensei runs into Akiho, who asks her to stay away from Haruna and Chika, Touko starts to seduce Akiho, who bursts into tears, pouring cold water on that. Chika is walking down the hall when Teshigawara grabs her and drags her away. Touko-sensei comes up and finds the ring Haruna gave to Chika on the ground. Oh Noes! More shades of that Drama CD, where Chika lost the barrette Haruna gave her. More to come – I know the drama is KILLING you.

Just about at this point, I was getting a little tired of schoolgirls again. This issue had sort of slipped back into all-schoolgirls-all-the-time territory. What with no “Strawberry Shake Sweet” and the fact that “Little Red Riding Hood” was off the adults and back to the kids, I was feeling a little down. Thankfully, this entry into “Mermaid Line” was a departure from the school.

Yukari and Mayuko are two Office Ladies (OLs). Mayuko’s off boyfriends, but she wants someone to date. Her bestest friend Yukari, who is seeing a guy right now, offers to play the role of “pretend lover”. Mayuko’s up for it, and they start going out for dinner, and movies and shopping – not really different from before, but they both get into the spirit of the pretend thing and hold hands and the like. The problem comes when Yukari starts thinking a little too hard about this whole thing. When Mayuko says that she’s started seeing someone, so they don’t need to do it anymore, Yukari is not as happy for her friend as she would expect. In fact, she’s downright depressed. Her boyfriend telling her that his mother is interested in her (as in, as a marriage prospect) makes her nothing short of miserable. To Be Continued.

Hakamada Mera is the artist who does Saigo no Seifuku and her entry, the final story, appears to be, if not set in the exact same school, then something exceptionally similar. Sadly, I don’t care for her art, or her stories – I feel like I’m reading about 10 year olds. In any case, Iwami-san is really popular, and Arisaka isn’t. But Iwami is love with Arisaka, who returns the sentiment. They kiss.

And that, along with the usual advice column, and manga, anime, game and doujinshi reviews, is that.

As always, you can get Yuri Hime 6 from Amazon Japan through the Yuricon Shop, or click the image above. I hope you will, of course, because it is still the only anthology other than Yuri Monogatari in existence and we want it to not die out like previous magazines!

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