Tokyo Trip 2007, Day 6: 212

January 4th, 2007

Had my bagel, with cream cheese and lox. The bagel shop is called 212, adroably enough, and bagel, lox and coffee were all 212-worthy. Thumbs up for whoever managed to get such good egg bagels out here to Tennozu Isle.

Today the plan is to first, ship the gigantic heavy boxes of crap we have, second to visit the Sengaku-ji, and third throw money at stores in Ikebukuro.

The wife asks if I’ve mentioned the remote control drapes in the room. I hadn’t. So I’m mentioning them now. Because you want the convenience of opening and closing the drapes from the comfort of your own bed.

I came packed with mostly disposable clothing. Sweaters and shoes I planned on leaving here, to free space in my luggage for books and the like. Housekeeping is finding this confusing and probably distressing, as every day there are clothes in the garbage. Wait ’til they get the shoes I’m wearing. :-)

So, the Sengagku-ji.

If you look back at our first ever trip to Tokyo in 2003, practically the very first thing we ever saw on TV was the story of Lord Asano’s 47 ronin. (I’m assuming you know it. If you don’t go look it up.) This time, we assumed we’d be nearish their shrine, because I had the wrong hotel in my head. The wife looked them up, did a bit of reading, we watched a famous movie about them, because why not. :-) We were sitting here in the room two nights ago, trying to decide whether to go to their shrine, when we turned on TV and lo and behold! There was /famous actor who always plays samurai roles/ playing Oishi, and the whole 47. When we stopped laughing, we promised to go to their shrine. Bruce says that we keep tuning into the “47 Ronin” station on TV. The wife says “47 24/7” “All 47, all the time.” I can see this being the beginning of a joke that never dies. lol

So, we’re waiting for Bruce to play the “ship great wopping boxes full of crap” game, and then we’re off to pay tribute to the men who symbolize loyalty and devotion beyond all bounds.

See ya later.

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