Day 7 has been cancelled

January 5th, 2007

Whether it was the fish last night, or a combination of who knows what, my poor wife woke up today sicker than I’ve seen her in years. (I’m usually the one who ends up flattened and miserable on trips.)

Today we were planning on going to Nakano and wandering around Mandarake, but no go. She can’t leave the room.

This morning I shipped two immense and expensive boxes of stuff, one for me, one for Bruce, then I waited around for a visit from Yuricon contest winner, Anna H. She showed a little late, but it was okay, as today’s plans are basically “hope wifey feels better.” Anna received her prize (a spiffy “I Love Yuri” messenger bag) and we sat around for a while, then the wife threw us out so she could sleep.

Anna and I chatted for a couple of hours in a coffee place downstairs, then she left and I’m here, probably for the duration. I’ll actually get to *look* at some of the stuff I bought, LOL (I started last night with a White Rose family anthology and I have bad news for Adam Jones – the story you wanted to write about Noriko and Shimako? Already written. Luckily for you, it’s in Japanese. But it still sounded like you wrote it. lol)

If I get bored, and frankly, I doubt that, I’m very easily amused, I can always wander over to Daiba and walk around in the middle of the shopping frenzy.

In the meantime, I’m going to start reading the next anthology and eating crunch-berry flavored Biz, “For your lucky time”. See ya later.


Oh, and here’s one of Anna’s Comiket stories. Anna showed up here wearing an ecletic outfit that proclaimed her lesbian otakudom loudly, with visuals. As she is a lovely young woman, she could easily get away with the outfit. (It looked a bit to me, like she was a walk-on for Mork and Mindy. I know no one but Sean will get the reference, but that’s what she looked like. That or a gay otaku Strawberry Shortcake.) Anyway, Anna wanted to take pictures up in the Cosplay area, but everywhere she went, they kept directing her to where cosplayers should go. She kept protesting that she wasn’t cosplaying. Once up in the cosplay area, she snapped about two pictures before she was mobbed by people who wanted to take her picture. She’s like, sure, but I’m not cosplaying!! LOL In the end, she only managed to get a few pictures of her own. :-) (I got a pic of her today…I’ll upload it along with the others when I get home and have energy.)

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  1. Adam says:

    The Shimako/Noriko story I wanted to write already got 90% done by one of the doujinshi Lililicious scanlated a while back, in fact… “Suite”, I think. The intervening period has been a futile attempt not to rip it off.

    Best wishes to P – hope she recovers quickly.

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