Going Home

January 7th, 2007

We’re sitting around the room, with about an hour before check-out and heading to the airport.

Now we’re both sick (whee!) and have about another 24 hours to face until we’re home. :-)

Last night I started watching TV when, to my disbelieving eyes, there was yet *another* tuna related show on. This time we followed a real maguro fishing boat. It was riveting, I assure you.

I started to watch Byakkotai, but there was a lot of talking and very little training. The plot was cute in a stupid way, but the whole “joining the Byakkotai” scenario was *exactly* like the “joining JAL as a flight attendant” stuff that had been on the night before in a live-action version of “Attention Please,” a manga oddly enough, that I’ve read.

As I type this entry, there is someone below on the Sumida river water skiing. On Jan.7th. I boggle.

We cancelled meeting Rica yesterday. Wifey was just too sick and I was too worried, and the weather was foul in every way. So the day passed as the wife slept, and I read Marimite doujinshi anthologies and a book that was neither as erudite as the Umberto Eco it aspired to be, nor as easy a read as the Dan Brown it hoped to cash in on. Instead, it was just sort of a constipatedly predictable “ancient secret” suspense mystery.

Keep us in your thoughts, please…it’s going to be a long trip home this time.

But reviews will resume as soon as I get home and settled. And heaven knows I got tons to review! :-)

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  1. neo_hrtgdv says:

    I hope you get home soon and well, being ill is painful in many ways, but its one of those things that happen a few times a year; I’m not sure why but that’s just the way things are, some times are good, some bad; some are terribly good and some are terribly bad, time to suffer and time to enjoy, life has it all right? I think that’s why we love it, I love it because even in all the pain there’s some short of calm, and the promise no pain or illness nor sadness nor solitude will be forever, I think and know how bad it is to be ill, but also I know how good it feels when you are recovering.

    So, before I tear out your ears (or eyes?) I wish you health and a safe and soon return to you home ^-^

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