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March 2nd, 2007

This week has been crack-ariffic, hasn’t it? Once more, no review today, instead news from all corners of the world that this blog touches.


First up, just in from my deep throat contact at Media Blasters – the folks at MB have licensed the Kashimashi~ Girl Meets Girl anime. The anime is guaranteed yuri, with some transgenderism, unlike the manga which is still on-going and showing strong signs of turning Hazumu back into a boy. For reviews (and explanations, for new visitors) of the story, here is my first review of Kashimashi, and my end of season review. I have not really reviewed the special DVD-only 13th episode. Yet.


Secondly, since the folks at Prism Comics were so awesome, here is their press release for the next place you can find them – Wondercon:

On the heels of its appearance at the New York Comic-Con, Prism Comics is now hitting San Francisco’s WonderCon from March 2-4! Prism’s booth (#619), will host a full slate of LGBT creators including Tommy Roddy (Pride High), Lynx Delirium (The Goth Queen Needs a Mate), and Tony Lawrence (Western Nightmares) along with an appearance by the creators of the gay superhero movie, Surge of Power! Prism will also announce its latest publication, Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics 2007!

Prism Comics: Your Guide to LGBT Comics 2007 is an all new publication edited by Jonathan Riggs, jam-packed with exclusive comics, articles and features from Paige Braddock, Justin Hall, Leane Franson, Terrance Griep, Lynx Delirium, Abby Denson, Mikhaela Reid and more, with an original cover by Joe Phillips!

The Prism booth will feature the largest selection of LGBT comic books anywhere, including signed copies of Alison Bechdel’s landmark graphic memoir, Fun Home, and fan favorites such as Cavalcade of Boys (Tim Fish), Jane’s World (Paige Braddock), Tough Love (Abby Denson), The Desert Peach (Donna Barr), Chelsea Boys (Allan Neuwirth) and more!

WonderCon will be held at Moscone Center South, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, California from Friday, March 2nd to Sunday, March 4th (www.comic-con.org/wc/index.shtml).

Prism Comics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) creators, stories, and readers in the comics industry. Incorporated in 2003, Prism Comics publishes the annual resource guide, Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide to Comics. For more information, go to www.prismcomics.org.

Incidentally, Prism is also carrying 100% Yuri from ALC Publishing now, as well. :-)


Thirdly. Today, Okazu made history. Okay, well, not *history* (or herstory, for those who insist.) But today Okazu was linked to by “Best.Lesbian.Week.Ever” on Afterellen.com. (Hello to anyone who is coming here from that link!) Here’s the funny story behind that.

This morning I noticed my visits were unusually high and saw that my post on the movie and manga for Yamaji Ebine’s Love My Life had been linked to by BLWE. The original link said something like “some blogger says”. So I posted to the Yuricon Mailing List that there was nothing like spending countless hours and hours promoting one’s self and one’s genre only to be called “some blogger.” LOL So I commanded my minions to write in and tell BLWE how awesome I was. LOL And when I checked back this evening, the link now says “Yuri Blogger Erica Friedman.” Isn’t that a scream? It’s not the “goddess of yuri and bringer of the genre to western shores” that I might have hoped, but still…


And last, but not least, as soon as I am done writing this post, I will be sitting down with one of the coolest projects I’ve been asked to do in months. JD Glass, who I met just last Saturday at Comic Con, has sent me the manuscript of her new book, Red Light to read and review. I already have the first line written. ;-) I caught a single line of the book as I printed it out this afternoon and already love it. You’ll be seeing the review here soon, promise.

And that ends this acid trip of a week. Next week, I will endeavor to actually review Yuri Anime, Manga and Drama CDs. promise.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thought you might like to know that Okazu is being cited as a source on Wikipedia… on the Strawberry Panic! article. XP


  2. Hi there – Yes, thank you, I was aware of that. Okazu is also cited on the following en.wikipedia entries:

    Yuri animation
    Strawberry Shake Sweet
    Maria-sama ga Miteru
    Yuri Hime
    Comic Yuri Hime
    Erica Friedman (did you know that I have an entry?)

    There may be others I am not remembering or aware of.

    In addition, Yuricon is linked at the Yuri and/or Yuri animation articles on the English, Russian, and Polish wikipedias. Again, there may be some I am missing.

  3. dian says:

    hi! Do you know if there is any there anime like kashimashi with romantic lesbian relationships? THanks! just post on my xanga


  4. I recommend Candy Boy very highly. It’s a roughly monthly anime you can watch on either Veoh.com or Crunchyroll.com. Very much a sweet romantic slice of life w/ two teenage sisters who love each other. Not hentai.

  5. @Leaf – If you look through my reviews, you’ll see that I have reviewed Candy Boy. unfortunately, I disagree strongly with the majority. I find it to be utterly boring and the only actual Yuri is quite pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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