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March 10th, 2007

I know that you’ll all be pleased to know that Ryomou Shimei, Kanu Unchou and Kaku Bunwa are all still wearing underwear. It’s an unavoidable conclusion that one has to come to in mere seconds of watching Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny.

You may recall from my reviews of Ikkitousen that I am fully aware that this is utter crap of the lowest sort. Nonetheless I enjoy it, not because I am ignoring the utter crappiness, but because I am enjoying some individual parts of the utter crappiness. ^_^ The panty shots are not among these parts. I like the fights and I like women who have mad fightin’ skillz. And I like The Romance of the Three Kingdoms bits, so I put up with the boring stuff to eke out some pleasure from the rest. ;-)

(As an aside, I was at Anime Castle today, where there was a 3′ tall figurine of Kanu Unchou for sale. I could only boggle. What on *earth* would one do with such a thing?

Now that I think about it, don’t tell me. Forget I mentioned it.)

Anyway, Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny begins with my beloved Ryomou attempting to steal a dragon seal, and almost, but not quite, being thwarted by Kakuen Myousai.

You *may* recall from the previous series (but probably not) that the new leader of the Toushi, the Fighters, is Sousou Moutoku. He’s going to be calling for a new throwdown soon, and the various schools are tense as the Fighters all brush up their skills and jockey for power.

Many of the characters are returning from the first series. Ryomou and Hakufu from Nanyou Gakuin, the aforementioned Sousou and Kaku Bunwa, now from Kyoshou Gakuin.

And from Seito Gakuen we get a lot more face time …you *know* what I mean… with Kanu Unchou who, in the first series came by only to fight Ryomou. Kanu is joined by pushy Chouhi Ekitoku and Ryuubi Gentoku. Ryuubi is clearly a lover, not a Fighter, and even tough Kanu softens a bit when she’s around her.

I can safely predict there will be much fighting, and panty shots and exploding clothes but whether there is any Yuri, only time will tell. So far Kanu blushing at Ryuubi’s clueless niceness is our only hit so far as episode 2. But we haven’t seen Ryomou and Goei together yet, and they are the couple I love best. ^_^

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can re-visit this series at a later date with assurance that while it is still utter and complete crap, it is at least utter and complete crap with *Yuri*. ^_^


Art – 7
Story – 4
Characters – 6
Yuri – 1
Service – 12

Overall – 5

I like Ryomou, because I like joint submissions. I like Kanu because I like women with polearms…and she uses a guando, which just about makes me drool with desire. I can’t help myself. I like Ikkitousen ^_^

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3 Responses

  1. Ialda says:

    Congratulations, you almost made it look interesting, which is quite a feat :)

    I have seen episodes 1-3 so far. I haven’t seen the original series or read the manga, so the only interest left for me are the connexions with the original “Romance of the three kingdoms” story, which are quite fun to explore.

    That, and, yes, the jiggling animation. We have a very talented animation director working here, it seems.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey..i always read your reviews to see about an anime..i only have watch some of the eps of ikki tousen DD(dragon destiny) and i have to say i fell in love with Kan-u and ryuubi..gahh i love the maybe pairing..and kan u i have to say the drawings are pretty hott of her. im a beliver that kan u..likes ryubbi. Aha!

  3. Nao Kuga says:

    UHA I have been trying to avoid watching Ikkitousen for YEARS… but i love women fighting with style! GAAAH It gives great ideas for Kung Fu tournaments XD specially against guys… <3 Uuuuugh i.. might… watch this… *sigh*

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