Yuri Manga: Zettai Roman

March 23rd, 2007

Just in time for the next wave of manga collected from series that run in Comic Yuri Hime, I’m reviewing the last of the first wave of manga collected from series that run in Comic Yuri Hime, Mucchiri Mooney’s Zettai Roman.

And how I wish I could say that I liked it.

But I didn’t.

I didn’t realize how much I didn’t care for the stories that are collected in this volume, until I started reading and suddenly realized that we’d been following *one* couple in all the Yuri Hime issues! Seriously, I’d never even noticed that this was a series….

Reading it all at once, it was a little better to get a bead on why I didn’t care for it (and why all the Japanese language Yuri blogs are giving it top ratings.)

Let’s go over the story quickly…easy enough to do, since there isn’t much of a story.

Cool, beautiful, (long, straight) black-haired Tsubaki stalks pursues keeps asking cute, bubbly blonde(ish) Aoi out, until she gives in. Tsubaki confines Aoi in a storage room in the gym, confronts her in her home and generally does things that, if she were a guy, would have had the police there in *seconds*, but hey, since it’s two girls, it’s GREAT! (Or so the Japanese Yuri blogs say.) It falls directly under my umbrella of “not good” Yuri.

We are, of course, led to believe that Tsubaki is only persevering to make Aoi aware of her true feelings, and she *does* give in and even become jealous of a possible rival, but I got tired of the tropes (and the non-consensual issues) pretty fast. There’s only so many face faults Aoi can do before we’ve seen her whole repetoire.

The fact that they are the stereotypical black-haired beauty and blonde cutey was the only fun touch, IMHO. Because it definitely has the feeling of having been done on purpose.

Lastly, and I feel kind of bad about this…I really just don’t like the art.


Art – 4
Story – 4
Characters – 4
Yuri – 8
Service – (basing this solely on the Japanese fandom response) – 8

Overall – 4

Of all the Yuri Hime collections, by far and away, the weakest. But if you’re a yuri FanBoy/Girl, have little discrimination or, like myself, need to get every damn Yuri thing out there, because that’s what you do, enjoy! ^_^


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