Chinatown and Farewell

May 15th, 2007

Last day of Chicagoing. Wifey, Donna and Serge and I decided to hit Chinatown, which was about 11 blocks square. We started with snacks and drinks at Saint’s Alps, which was really pleasant, then proceeded to shop for crap we didn’t need in all the stores. Serge and I amused ourselves by shopping for Guan Gong figures.(Guan Gong is the deified Guan Yu, who is the source character for Kanu Unchou in Ikkitousen.)

That pretty much killed most of the day. We were dropped off at our hotel, said a tearful goodbye (not really) and have been sitting here listening to the multiude of noises that these hotel walls allow in since. (When I saw that the hotel was supposed to have sound-proofed rooms I lost it and wrote customer service on the website. They’ve groveled a bit, but the bill is wrong and I am SO ready to get out of here…definitely NEVER stay at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.)

So now I’ve been in Illinois twice. It’s time to take on another state. I’m looking for academic programs to fly me in for a lecture. Some other day, I’ll list all the states I haven’t been to, and see about getting there. lol

Since this is my last Chicago post, let me once again thank all the folks at ACen for their kindness!

I’ll see you back in beautiful New Jersey. ;-)

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