Yuri Manga: Ichigo Mashimaro, Volume 5 (Japanese)

May 15th, 2007

If ever there was a manga that could be called a “clip episode” volume, Ichigo Mashimaro, Volume 5, is that manga.

Since the last volume was released in 2005, there have been only a very few new pages of Ichigo Mashimaro that have run in Dengeki Daioh magazine. So few that there really could not have been anything like a full volume from them. So interspersed with the 4-6 page shorts that have been running in the magazine are some “classic” chapters from past volumes.

The one new chapter really worth mentioning was fairly recent. Miu, as usual, begins it all by asking what the difference between “tomodachi” (friend) and “shinyuu” (close friend) is. Miu inquires of all of them how they feel about her, asking Chika if they are shinyuu. She asks everyone how they define the words, and pins Matsuri and Ana down with an investigation when they say that they are shinyuu. She takes a look at Matsuri’s phone and sees a conversation with Ana that reads something on the order of “I’m a little worried about tomorrow’s quiz.” “Don’t be, you study hard.” “Good night.” “Sleep well.”

Miu them shows her last conversations with Chika by phone which were totally Miu. They are quite indescribable – I mean that literally. She sends random abstract ASCII art and incoherent messages to which Chika replies something on the order of “Shut up.” Miu sends Chika the same message Matsuri sent Ana and Chika’s reply is “That’s creepy.” ^_^ Miu then ends the chapter by asking Chika if they are lesbians, which freaks poor Chika out. The chapter ends, as so many do, with the five sitting around and Miu face down on the floor, apart from the rest.

It’s a very funny chapter – especially Miu’s messages to Chika. It says just about everything one needs to know about Miu’s level of functionality.


Art – 7
Story – 7
Characters – 8
Yuri – 2
Service – 5

Overall – 7

If you are a card-carrying member of the Order of Miu, you must get this volume since it’s a “Miu’s classic episodes” volume. Otherwise…

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  1. neo_hrtgdv says:

    I think that, of all the characters in the series Miu is the one most likely to be openly lesbian, and drag Chika along her >.>

    I really liked Ana in the anime, and I haven’t read the manga but I’ll look for it when I have the chance (imported English manga is rare in Mexico, -_-). Even tough I like how Ana is in the anime Miu totally wins, I really have my hopes on Miu getting them all to do stuff on whim, her whim of course >.>

    I really never expected so much Yuri from a moe series, I think its of the few (along Manabi Straight?) that has moe Yuri, I’m not a big fan of moe but I loved Ichigo Mashimaro, I really want to read the manga ^-^

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