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May 16th, 2007

If you didn’t know better, just from the screencaps you might be tempted to think that Front Innocent, also known as Another Lady Innocent, is a Yuri hentai anime. Well, I’m here to let you know better.

Front Innocent is, in fact, one of the most plotless “Plot, What Plot” type of hentai I’ve ever seen. ^_^; In fact, thinking back on it, I’m hard pressed to remember what sheer veil of a plot it wore, except that it was “rich girls wait at home for Onii-sama to make women of them” or something similar. It was like a Harlequin romance, with all attempts at mood, tone, dialogue and character development removed.

So, why am I reviewing this anime at all? For three reasons. 1) The art has the distinct touch of Urushihara Satoshi (so you know there’ll be lesbians *somewhere* in it), 2) it does have a Yuri scene and 3) It’s been on my to-review list for almost a year and I’m sick of looking at it. ^_^;

So, yes, the art was done by Urushihara Satoshi, so everyone’s skin is shiny and sleek and the faces look like all his other faces. The Yuri sex scene is so much his art that it’s unmistakable. More notably, the lesbian sex in this anime is *not* okazu, that is, it is not the appetizer before the main course…it is the dessert afterwards. Having had Onii-sama make a woman out of her, the main character is visited by her maid, who convinces her that she is the one person who will always love her. And then she goes about proving it in time-honored fashion. The main part of the scene is an extended session of tribadism, complete with Urushihara-esque pubic hair, with close-ups. All very exciting, I assure you.

There was something else I wanted to point out, too…oh, right, this was it. Have you ever considered the irony that there is so *little* Yuri hentai anime at all, when so many people still assume that Yuri=lesbian porn? No one, to my knowledge has ever made an anime that was, in its entirety, woman x woman (that is, no androids, futanari, okazu, other tedious plot complications) hentai anime. Most Yuri hentai is no more than one or three scenes in what is essentially a straight hentai anime – or has one of the aforementioned plot complications. I have to admit, if I had the money, I’d change that. The world is ready for straight (as it were) Yuri hentai, I think. Heaven knows *I* am. 

2012 update: Someone finally did…and it wasn’t that good. Shoujo Sect anime was laughable. ^_^


Art – 7
Story – 0
Characters – 0
Yuri – 8
Service – 146

Overall – 4

Hardly stellar, but that’s not what we watch porn for. Nonetheless, not to my taste much, either. I had to fast forward through most of it, because I was having trouble staying awake.

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8 Responses

  1. TheBigN says:

    Didn’t think that the LFB rating ever went higher than like 20. :P

  2. LOL. I was reading the review out loud last night to the wife. I said, “I love it when my ratings make no sense.” lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pure Yuri hentai is rare indeed. However “Stainless Night” is imho pretty close (except for the futa part) and quite good Yuri hentai. (check out the encyclopedia link for a nice collection of screencaps :-P)

  4. I reviewed Stainless Nights ages ago:
    That anime is very old now and there hasn’t been anything in years and years that includes a lot of Yuri, much less is primarily Yuri. (For the record, Stainless Nights has two of the tedious plot complications I mentioned: Linnea is android AND she gets a dick. It was, in fact, what I was think of when I added in androids.) I totally agree that it’s the closest out there…but still, not anything like 100% Yuri.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I actually had this same pure Yuri conversation with some female friends as of late when we watched a variety of various hentai for fun.

    Even F3 had guys… and Moonlight Lady would have been 500 times better if Tomomi had successfully and permanently seduced Suzuna >

  6. Anonymous says:

    There is now a certifiably 100% Yuri H anime out there: Shoujo Sect -Innocent Lovers-. Check it out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o is a completely Yuri hentai, isn’t it?

  8. Yes, and it wasn’t going to exist for another 4 years when I wrote this review.

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