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July 8th, 2007

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure, once again, of participating at AnimeNEXT, my local general con. I’ve been involved with them since their first year and I consider it a privilege and a pleasure to have been there as staff, as a board member and like yesterday, as a panelist. So, many, many thanks to the folks at ANEXT for their kindness and for the table in “con row.” :-) I go as much for the hugs as anything else. lol

Because of something I can’t yet tell you about, I wasn’t able to do the whole con, but we had a great day yesterday. :-) Books went well, the Yuri Panel looked to have about 40 people and the Fanfic Writing Workshop I always do there had about 20 people, most of whom were really into it. So, overall, a good day.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to tell you about. The thing that made my day, above all things, were three girls who walked by dressed like Yumi, Shimako and Yoshino. I almost died they looked so cute. I am not a fan of cosplay, and I am not a fan of cute, but oh, my GOD were these kids adorable. The girl who was Yoshino, Leeann, (and I hope she reads this and corrects me if I spelled her name wrong!) was a spitfire. She was funny and smart and cute as a button. She was also obviously the ringleader, which was perfect. LOL She assured me that her hair, when she had the wig off, looked like Sei’s and when she came by later, it did indeed! I took a picture of the three of the together as first-years (Shimako was wearing her rosary on the correct wrist! swoon) and then Leeann as Sei, hugging Yumi. Sadly, my pictures were with my phone and the lighting was bad, so they didn’t come out well, so I can’t share. But oh, my goodness, were they CUTE!

I changed the Yuri Panel age rating, so that anyone could come in, and my friend Leeann showed up, with good questions. There was a Shizuma in the front row and Sei there in the middle. How happy was I as a Yuri panelist. LOL

Anyway – Leeann and your two friends, thank you. You win as the best cosplay *ever* in my experience. Even better than the Japanese girls who cosplay them because you looked JUST like the characters. So that pretty much made my day. LOL

(A belated note to the woman who asked for some good not-schoolgirl Yuri manga. I’m sorry my brain was so friend when you asked. Here are a few top contenders: Iono-sama Fanatics, Shoujo Sect 2 which, although it starts off as a schoolgirl story wraps up as an adult story. Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Majyo to and Moonlight Flowers. All have been reviewed here – you can find them on the right-hand Categories.

Next up, I and a large chunk of the Yuricon senior staff will be at Otakon. Yuri Panel is Sunday 1-2PM, all ages. Don’t miss it!

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4 Responses

  1. Zee says:

    Hey, can you just put their pictures here. I wanna see it even if it is sooo bad.

  2. Nope. You sound creepy. :-)

  3. Kieli says:

    LMAO! Guess there’s always a nutcase in the bunch, eh? Blast it all I wish I still lived in Philly. It would’ve been worth going to the con to see how successful everything was. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a decent convention. Glad things worked out well.

  4. ANext is always a nice con. Not too big, not too small, friendly staff and lots of smiles. :-)

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