Guest Review Guidelines

July 12th, 2007

If you would like to write a Guest Review for Okazu, please email me at yuricon at gmail. dot com> Please follow these steps:

1) If you have never been a Guest Reviewer before, please email me *first*. Introduce yourself. “Hello, my name is _____ and I am writing to discuss a possible Guest Review.”

Please send a request for *one* series to review. If you send four, I will not read them. Period.

I’m glad when folks suggest to *me* what they’d like to see reviewed. Okazu is, after all, my blog. If you’re that desperate to review things, you might honestly want to start your own. ^_^

If you have previously Guest Reviewed, you can begin here:

2) Suggest a series that you have legitimately purchased or watched on a legal stream. No subs or scans or games that were downloaded illicitly. Remember, at Okazu, we support the industry and the creators. Anime, manga or games only please. No live-action movies. “I would like to review the anime/manga/game __________.” (And please let me know whether it is an anime or manga or game.)

3) What should follow is a short discusion of *why* that series suitable as a review topic for Okazu – i.e., where’s the Yuri. This is the meat of your “audition” so please, I beg you, keep your email SHORT. Spell check it, make sure the grammar is correct. It is upon this section that I will be making my decision. (This is unnecessary if I have specifically solicited a review for a series.)


If you have  have been invited to write a review you can start here:

DO NOT EMAIL ATTACHMENTS. I hate, loathe and abhor attachments.

If I write back with a “go” sign then, when you email the review, you MUST send it as inline text, so I can cut and paste it. If you make me open an attachment I will be very grouchy. Please keep your review to somewhere around 1 page of normal text, 2 in a pinch when the series is really complex.

Please use the format I use for Okazu and include ratings as I do. The format is, roughly: Intro, Synopsis, Notable Items of Interest if there are any, Discussion of the Yuri, Ratings. If it is an obscure, out-of-print or hard-to-find series, a picture or a link to a picture would be nice, as well.

Ratings on Okazu are from 1-10 on categories like art, story, characters, service (level of salaciousness), Yuri and Overall, but you can also add in ratings for notable qualities like music for an anime.


Lastly – and this is going to sound arrogant and obnoxious, but, oh well – being a Guest Reviewer on Okazu is an honor. I do not bestow it lightly. I may reject your review. It is most likely not personal. Either I did not like your review for some reason, or I want to review that anime/manga myself or something else. Please don’t take it personally. The point here is not to inundate me with reviews, but to fill holes that I have left for one reason or another. Expect your request to be rejected, and if it isn’t, have some fun with it!

I hope that this makes clear what I am looking for in a potential Guest Review.

Follow these guidelines and perhaps you’ll be a Guest Reviewer on Okazu! :-)

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