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July 25th, 2007

Lesbian pop culture site has published a “Guide to Yuri” written by yours truly. It’s nothing you folks don’t already know, trust me. This was more for folks who don’t know where to start.

I cover a lot of series and I missed a lot more (only had 1500 words to play with,) so *please* feel free to comment with more series that I didn’t cover in the article.

The only things I ask are that you 1) make sure there’s actually Yuri in it and you’re not talking something that needs Yuri Goggles, ’cause we don’t want to waste people’s time and; 2) try to stick with series that are licensed for western release – giving a one-line description is a good idea too, so people know what they are looking at. Remember, tastes differ. That’s why I covered as many types of anime and manga in my article as I could.

The more interest the article gets, the more likely it is that they will have me back to write more. Tell your friends, make those comments! :-)

(Ironically, as I cannot access from work, it is thanks to loyal reader Derek that I know that they published the “Guide” today – it’s a day ahead of schedule. :-) Thanks Derek!)

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