Burst Angel Anime, Volume 2 (English)

August 21st, 2007

Burst Angel, Volume 2 starts off in the middle of a story which is suspiciously similar to the infamous hentai anime, Bible Black. And that’s about the best thing about the whole volume. ^_^;

Let me stop here and offer my thanks to Daniel P. who sponsored today’s review! Yay!

Meg is undercover at a creepy private girls’ school in which students are going missing or going insane. She is schmoozed mightily by the ultimate star of the school, while she tries to find out the dirt behind the “Ishtar club” – the exclusive, elite, star-chamber cabal that everyone admires, desires and fears. To everyone’s (everyone that has never seen Bible Black, that is) surprise Meg finds herself attacked by a demon. Jo is forced to put on the school uniform just long enough to allow Meg to be kidnapped so she can rescue her from the demon-y evil thing at the center of the mystery. It is a great shock to us all to learn the true identity of the demon is….!

The second two episodes deal with a giant robot crow who kidnaps girls and therefore takes a stab at kidnapping Meg so Jo can fire up Jango and rescue her. Jo is successful, sadly. In the course of this arc, we learn that the occasional glowing brain is not just a shiny special effect, but an actual plot complication. Also, Kyouhei is injected with an SPCD (Stupid Plot Complication Disorder.) In this case, a virus that takes 6 hours to germinate within his body and then will kill him spectacularly. (Okay, they don’t say it’ll be spectacular, but I like to project.) Under the guise of saving Meg, Jo drags Kyouhei all around town pointlessly, in order for them to bond.

While the plots of this volume ain’t all that, the extras are. Once again, we have English voice commentary and Japanese radio dramas.

The English voice commentary is amusing. They comment on totally random things, background characters, Sei-who-is-not-Beth’s gravity-defying breasts, and the fact that the point on Jango’s head is supposed to be a cowboy hat, not a dunce cap. (Something I completely missed. Who has the dunce cap now, Erica? Huh?)

The Japanese radio dramas are strange and awkward, but amusing, as well. Watanabe Akeno (Jo) and Toyoguchi Megumi (Meg) do things like have a tongue-twister show downs, try to record a play written by a viewer with sound/fx and all, and have an entire segment where they speak in piercing, dog-whistle high-pitched voices about beer.

Not happy with just actually having cool extras, the liner notes are full of pictures and commentary. Very shiny.


Art – wildly inconsistent, but it averages at about a 6
Characters – 5
Story – 5
Yuri – 1
Service – 6

Overall – 5

The extras are so good, it’s *almost* as if they’re trying to make up for the lack of content in the anime.

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  1. Frea says:

    This is becoming addictingly fun to comment on. It’s just too easy with Sei-who-is-not-Beth (I laugh every time) and the stupid plot complication disorder.

    That’s a cowboy hat, eh? Could have fooled me. I was thinking traffic cone with a matching paint job. Maybe it was the awesome pointyness that threw me off… silly me for never have seen a cowboy hat with a single point before.

    That’d be a good one for all those old time cowboy movies. John Wayne in a dunce cap.. er I mean, nice pointy cowboy hat. Out of bullets? No problem. Just ram ’em with your hat.

    This was way below my “must buy” radar without a second thought, but all of the dvd extras and randomness make it awfully tempting now.

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