Maria-sama ga Miteru DJCD 3

September 11th, 2007

As I mentioned in my review of the first two Marimite DJCDs, these CDs are compilations of the web radio shows from the Animate TV site. DJCD Volume 3 is, like the previous two volumes, general chitchat between the seiyuu, question and answer sessions relating to the characters, and incredibly silly radio dramas that are done with tongue firmly in cheeks.

Of the various questions asked of the various voice actresses, two seemed notable to me – who would you live with, and who would you borrow money from. The live with question elicited some interesting answers. Noto Mamiko, thinking as Shimako, said she’ want to live with Noriko, since they were so close – or failing that, Yumi, so they could do silly girly things together. Ikezawa Haruna, speaking for Yoshino said Rei, with no hesitation. The “borrow money question” elicited a “anyone other than Sei” from me, so I thought it funny when Noto Mamiko said she’d borrow money from Sei-sama. Ikezawa Haruna said that Yoshino would make a cute face and Rei would give her anything she wanted. ^_^

The dramas were pretty long this time. One of them dealt with Sachiko’s introduction to that promotional thing where you crank the ball roller and get a prize based on the color of the ball. Sachiko keeps getting tissues as a prize and gets a little obsessed with winning a real prize.

The last drama wasn’t very exciting, but for Sachiko x Yumi fans, there’s a sweet ending where Yumi thinks to herself that she really, really loves Onee-sama.

The DJCD has a slightly strange piece of art for the cover, not as cute as I’d hoped, but the inserts are two fantastic cards – one, a “game” card for “Magical Girl Shimako” and the other a character card for Yumi as Lilian Sentai Ranger “Chinensis Red” – both gags from the earlier two DJCDs.

These DJCDs were great filler between seasons, goofy fun, a nice mix between talking with the seiyuu and talking with the characters. Since we’re getting a fourth season of the anime, we probably won’t be getting more of these anytime soon but, as with all the drama CDs I listen to, they are a very satisfying way to kill time in a car and practice one’s listening skills.


Art – 6
Characters – 8
Yuri – 4
Service – 1

Overall – 8

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5 Responses

  1. Fuyumi says:

    I would just like to say that its nice to know I can come and read this blog and not have to deal with the pedophilia that seems to have taken over the anime community in America (a.k.a. every single LFB anime blog is going crazy over the Kodomo no Jikan OVA). I know that’s kind of random, but when I saw the girls of MariMite, I had an inner sigh of relief – I’ve reached a pleasant port in a storm of lolicons.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. As you know, I am no fan of children, whether in real life of animated. :-) The idea of eroticizing them makes me gag. But as you say, that appears to leave me in a minority of few these days.

    I still long for the days when female characters were drawn to look more mature rather than less. And I await the pendulum swing back to those days impatiently.

  3. AnimeJock says:

    I’m pretty much a newbie to Ozaku, so hi :). I have to say that reading your blogs on MariMite really encouraged me to watch the show. I had a copy of the first two seasons for a while and didn’t pay any mind to watching them. I started watching it and I couldn’t stop. Yes I am one of the Sachiko-Yumi fans and I’ll freely admit it. I will also admit that I enjoy all of the characters and for the first time in a long time it’s difficult for me to pick my “favorite” character.

    But thanks for keeping us updated on MariMite and hopefully one day they’ll animate Yumi without the pig-tails, it makes her appear so much younger than she is.

  4. Well, hey, thanks for reading, then!

    I’m pretty much the same way – I find it hard to pick one character to love, because they are all so charming. I start to say things like, “Yoshino is my favorite,” and then amend it to “Yoshino and Sei…and Shizuka…and Noriko…and Sachiko…” LOL

  5. basic.syntax says:

    Geneon has long been rumored to be the most likely contender to pick up the US R1 license for MariMite, but the news of their outsourcing sales & marketing to ADV does not sound good. How close do you think it is or was to Geneon’s magical green light?

    p.s. I love the distinct hair styles in this show, it’s like 75% of the character. For me, Yumi gets older with her hair down because straight-out pigtails seem so comical.

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