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September 25th, 2007

Thanks to Eric’s timely reminder (thank you!) the Yurisai Schedule is now available online. There’s no link to it yet from the Yuricon website – but you can access the Yurisai Schedule directly. Links to it from several pages on the site will go up when I get home.

You may notice that the panels are rather longer than usual – this is not meant to imply that the panels will be longer than usual. LOL

What we’ve done is built in some ease-in and ease-out time for the panels, time for more informal, unstructured discussion to happen, as it always does. Basically, we ddn’t want us all to have to be frenetic about panels starting on time. ~_-

And while we will absolutely be encouraging folks to participate fully in all the kinds of activities we have, (with prizes at the end of the day for people who have managed to – literally – fill their dance card,) we really hope that everyone just has a chance to do a little of everything. Mostly, we hope that everyone has a chance to kick back and chat with other folks who are fans, too. :-)

The goal at Yurisai is to have a relaxing, fun day, with lots of Yuri to enjoy.

So, enjoy!

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