Events: Yurisai Report

October 1st, 2007

Before I finish up Ciao Sorella today, I want to get a quick Yurisai report up for everyone.

It was really fun. That was what I kept hearing from everyone – attendees, vendors, staff, guests. Everyone had a relaxing, fun day, full of good conversation and good Yuri.

I was particularly pleased when one of the Media Blaster guys expressed the belief that thei was the best crowd he’d ever seen for behavior – people were nice, they were not belligerent, everyone did their best to be friendly, etc. etc. I appreciate that more than you can possibly believe.

My staff was awesome. Everyone, you were so terriffic that I can’t possibly thank a few of you because it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. But, I really do have to thank Sean and Serge, because they did so much, so well – they shouldered the burden of the programming, which is the backbone of a con. I also have to note that a *lot* of the attendees ended up volunteering, which I thought was kind of fun – a few had no choice (friends, what would we do without them?) but a bunch more sure did, and joined us anyway.

The Library looked completely cool all set up, I think. All that Yuri. :-) It’s going to take me days to get it back on the shelves here.

And the Stamp Rally kept people involved in the panels, workshops and video, which was great. I thought that was a cool idea and it seemed to work.

Here’s the one thing I want to say. I think I’m the luckiest con chair in the world -because when I look around at my staff what I see are people who are my dear friends, people I consider family. And that is an amazing feeling. My thanks to every single of you for all your hard work!

Also, thanks to Rica and Althea for being fabulous, each in their own way.


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roughly how many people would you say attended?

  2. I have no idea, and I am not planning on doing a count. I’ve never been sure why it matters. Would it make a difference to anyone who wasn’t there if 1500 people were?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I loved Yuricon. Had to leave an hour an half early(work late, blech) but it was fun! I got there around 11:30.

    I gotta say I met a really special person in Rica. Never heard of her before, but after hearing what she had to say, reading her adorible manga, and meeting her, I’m very pleased. She’s quite special and talented, not to mention ever so kind. I’m an instant fan now, glad I got my picture taken with her ^_^

    After watching the videos, I can honestly say I want to get my hands on Simoun and Plica-chan. Eventually I will, no feat too small for me in terms of getting stuff from overseas ^^

    Thank you for the nice little event Erica, it was fun! Though I should really bring someone next time, this was the only con by myself and it felt odd. Well see ya!


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