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November 7th, 2007

A couple of news items of interest that I wanted to throw your way today!

Eriko Tadeno, author/artist of the collection Works, and contributor to Yuri Monogatari 5, has been interviewed by Polish magazine “Comix Grrrlz.” Thanks to Sylwia for the link! This review is in Polish, so don’t be surprised.

Dedicated reader and Yuri fan Eric P points out that Love My Life, the live action movie based upon the Yuri manga of the same name by Yamaji Ebine, (here’s my review of the movie) has been starting to pop up at Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Film Festivals in North America. It’s already been screened in Tampa and at Outfest. ANN Previously reported that Wolfe Video licensed it, so keep an eye out for a North American release.

Download the new Yuricon toolbar! In the never-ending quest to provide both good information and a lively community, I have developed a Yuricon toolbar which is now available for download at: There are toolbar versions for M$IE and Firefox, which works on Linux and Macs, I’ve been told. The toolbar includes a search box, messaging, an Okazu headline ticker and a Yuricon Chat. (I’ve been looking to do a chat for some time and this seemed like an interesting experiment.) The rules of the chat are the same as those on the Yuricon Mailing List.

The search box utilizes the custom Yuri search engine I built – which is also located on the Yuricon Site Map, so the results will be very anime/manga-centric. You can also search for reusults within the Yuricon site, as well.

Feel free to download and play around with it – tell friends who are interested in Yuri and want to chat, send messages or just search for Yuri online. :-)

And thanks to eagle-eyed Erin S. for pointing out that a Spanish scanlation group has received permission from Rica Takashima to scanlate Rica ‘tte Kanji!? in Spanish. I know that Yuri has a huge Spanish-speaking following, so cool for them! :-) And thanks to Erin for the news! Here’s the link to the thread on the CoYuHi forums.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One small correction :) “Komikz” (represented by me) interviewed Rica Takashima and it was in February :)

    Eriko Tadeno was interviewed by our Comix Grrrlz website, not by “Komikz”.

    Sylwia ‘Louise’ Kazmierczak

  2. I’ll fix that right away.

  3. basic.syntax says:

    Holy Cow – a fan group asking a writer/artist for PERMISSION to translate their work? [shock] What is the world coming to?

    BTW #1, I saw three copies of Simoun on the shelf at my local Best Buy.

    BTW #2, Please speculate on the R1 license potential candidates for MariMite now that Geneon (previous most likely contender) has belt-tightened nearly to asphyxia.

  4. basic.syntax says:

    Oops; faux paux detected – my somewhat sarcastic observation is not best behavior for a guest, it could bring the endless fansub debate here instead of ANN or AnimeSuki, which are better suited to it. Sorry, that wasn’t my intention.

    My comment wasn’t directed at you, Erica – I was thinking of attitudes expressed by groups like the Cazador fansubers, whose rep posted a comment with a release more than once saying “Here is YOUR [episode]” – like it was theirs to give and everyone’s right to expect.

    After some reflection a few minutes after posting that little rock, which easily bounces back to poke a hole in my own glass house, I want to add that I mean no disrespect: whenever you share a personal project, it’s invariably accompanied with urgings to support the creators and handy links to Amazon Japan.

    I appreciate your honest appraisals of various Anime; you’re a great writer. Thanks so much and keep at it!

  5. ES says:

    Hi, this is OTT, but if it’s okay to ask, when will you be doing the Yuri hime 10 write-up?

  6. basic – at least for my part, I saw nothing offensive in your comment. I agree that the culture of entitlement in regards to fansubs and scanlations (and reviews of anime/manga) makes it hard for some people to understand the concept of Intellectual Property.

    One of Rica’s goals is to have people read and anjoy Rica ‘tte Kanji!?. The more people, the better. Obviously, the more people who *buy* the book, or one of the YM collections in which More Rica ‘tte Kanji!? runs, the more likely I am to be able to afford to pay Rica to encourage her to do a sequel. So the whole free trade thing can work. But it takes participation from the consumers.

    Unfortunately for creators, publishers, editors, etc, most people will *not* pay for things these days, because they assume that they can get – and should be able to – get it for free. They are, in fact, killing the industry they love. But that’s a whole
    ‘nother issue.

    As for CoYuHi – they are a tremendous group of people, who seem to really take their responsibilities as fans very serious. They asked me for permission to translate Okazu. They asked Rica for permission to scanlate Rica. I have nothing but respect for them.

    es – It’s the same answer as always, “As soon as I get to it.” :-)

  7. neo_hrtgdv says:

    We were surprised to hear the news already :P we were waiting to have the project finished and ready before letting everyone know ^-^.

    I’d like to point out that we are very grateful for all the support we receive from the Yuri worldwide community: Erica, Rica, the girls at lililicious, iWolf and many many more. If we could we’d officially release a lot of material in Spanish, that’s the project we have of someday making a publishing house for Yuri in Spanish, where as Erica says we can really support Yuri with money, and not because money itself, but because by contributing money you place your trust in that person or ideal, since money is really the result of your hard work it’s one of the most direct ways to say “I believe in you” and we all believe in this.

    I want everyone to realize this: we’re not a fansub group, we are a Yuri community which does many things, it is just that fansub (and probably fandub, if things go well) is one of them, we also have people read webomics, essays, we urge them to read books and internet pages with info, to make, support and attend events where they talk about Yuri, to write their own stories about girls in love, we are even planning an original drama CD, and many other things. So we’re not a fansub group, we’re a group that among many other things, do some fansub.

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