Yuricon Shop updated with new Anime, Manga and Drama CDs!

December 16th, 2007

The Yuricon Site update is complete, with the addition of terrific
new anime, manga and Drama CDs on the Yuricon Shop just in time for your holiday wishlist!


Iczer-One and Iczer Reborn – relive this classic of early anime – and
early Yuri!

My Otome (Hime-Z/Zhime) – get more great Meister action with Natuski’s Gaderobe Academy

Red Garden – Dead girls, violent battles and a lesbian Student Council President


Family Complex – Mikiyo Tsuda’s study of a very complex family

Kannazuki no Miko – Preorder the Tokyopop relase of Kaishaku’s popular story!

Strawberry Panic – pre-order the manga version of love and loss at Astoria.

Also available from Amazon – Yuri Monogatari 3,4 and 5!

Drama CDs:

Hayate x Blade 2 – mayhem at the Tenchi Gakuen school festival

Maria-sama ga Miteru: Cherry Blossom – Shimako meets Noriko

El Cazador – Ellis and Nadie hit the road


Of course there’s much more on the Yuricon Shop – great Yuricon and “I Love Yuri” items on the gift page and more. And don’t forget the sales on all 100% Yuri from ALC Publishing! One more week to go to save up to %50!

– “For real women who love their women…animated.

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  1. eric says:

    The only thing I noticed missing was the third volume of the Kashimashi anime; or is that going to be touched up later?

  2. I’ll make a note to add it asap.

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