Stroking My Ego, Among Other Things

January 8th, 2008

Quick semi-news post. If, like, me you enjoy the occasional bout of literary criticsm on comics and manga, I suggest you visit Newsarama’s blog for a list of their commentator’s top critical posts on manga and comics. I hope you’ll read all the way down the list, to where Mangablog‘s Brigid Alverson gives Okazu a shout-out. ;-) That was awfully nice of her. I can return the favor. She’s a great writer – go read her blog.

Also, Active Anime has resurrected the old AnimeFringe Top 25 anime/manga site poll. Way back when it was just a baby site, Yuricon was in the Top 25. I’d love to make it again – of course, it would be even *better* if I made it twice with Okazu on the list, too. Feel free to stuff the ballot box vote for your Top Anime Site. Don’t forget to make two of your three choices Yuricon and Okazu. LOL

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