Gunsmith Cats Burst Manga, Volume 4

January 28th, 2008

I know I’ve said it before, but I adore evil, psychotic lesbians. Maybe because most real lesbians are so damn *bland* and want to “help” and for people to “be nice.” Makes me want to spit. Pah. No, give me a EPL with a weapon and no morals, and I’m a happy Erica.

So, when I saw the cover of Gunsmith Cats Burst Volume 4, I leapt (gracefully, of course) across the store shouting, “Wahoo! Goldie! Yippee!” or something equally as befitting my status as an adult.

In GSC 4, Rally is approached by Dennis – you remember Dennis, don’t you? Goldie’s devoted henchman? Dennis has a problem and he thinks that Rally may well be the only one to help him with it. If you recall, when Goldie died so tragically, so young, she had been injected with her own ridiculous drug. And of course, she didn’t *really* die. She and Dennis just plunged off a unfinished road into the water. But we didn’t ever see the bodies – so you know what means in manga-land. No bodies – no deaths. And even if you see the bodies, they probably still aren’t dead.

So Goldie is alive, but has no memory. And Dennis thinks that Rally, as the person who most captivated Goldie’s thoughts, the person she obsessed about, would be the one person who could stimulate those memories. And stimulate is exactly the right word. Anyone who read the original volume of GSC will remember that a huge chunk of Goldie’s time was taken up by turning Rally into an obedient sex slave.

Of course nothing is simple, and while Goldie is hosting Rally and Misty, another group of gun-bearing thugs attack. Lots of shooting and explosions and Misty running around pantsless and other important things happen.

Does Goldie get her memory back? What do you think? Those were some good memories…  ^_^

Goldie gets her freak back on, and Dennis continues to be devoted and…the end.

Yuri is mostly recovered memories, but there is one cute maid that Misty hits up (with positive results until a grenade sort of puts a buzzkill on that.) And of course both Goldie and Rally’s memories of those good times they had in the past. But, now that Goldie’s back in the saddle, I can hope that some day she’ll return to kidnap and drug Rally again. In the meantime, when Dark Horse gets this volume out in English, get it!


Art – 8
Characters – 8
Story – 8
Yuri – 3 Good times, good times.
Service – 5

Overall – 8

Goldie’s back! Yay!!

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6 Responses

  1. Do you have any idea when the fourth volume of Gunsmith Cats:Burst comes to the USA?
    Rally Smith is my mistress, she’s so cool…

  2. oliver – You might want to write Dark Horse and ask. They publish it and are far more likely to know that I am.

  3. friedman-thanks for the info. I hope they didn’t cancel, but hey, I’m glad that Goldies still in the game. I hope she wins over Vincent, hell I wouldn’t mind following Goldie around. She’s so uber cool.

  4. Anonymous says:

    vol. 4 is supposed to come out in September (I hope). Volume 5, which is the conclusion, should be out in Spring 2010.

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