This Week in Yuri

February 16th, 2008

Here we are, at the end of another fun week of Yuri news!

The big news for ALC Publishing is that recruitment has begun for the sixth Yuri Monogatari Project! Writers and artists who wish to be considered for the new anthology should read the submission rules carefully before sending any materials. Questions can be emailed to anilesbocon01 at Recruitment will be held through March 15, 2008.


Many astute readers have commented and written in to point out that Candy☆Boy has been greenlighted for another 7 episodes. Many people seem to think that this is a good thing. :-) Read the ANN News item for more details.


I’ve been asked to track up-and-coming series for folks here, so here are three manga titles of note for you:

On sale as of February 18, Mermaid Line, the newest collection from Yuri Hime!

Also of interest, Maria-sama ga Miteru manga Volume 8 is now on sale. More hot Rosa action. lol

For those of you looking for something in English, Skim looks very interesting. Featured in Publisher’s Weekly, Skim is the story of a Canadian Goth-Loli, who has a relationship with a female teacher.


We’ve also updated the Yuricon website, with great new SnB fan art from Zeromus One on the Gallery, all the above manga and more on the Yuricon Shop, and a newly revamped Mission Statement and History.


See you tomorrow with more Yuri reviews!

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