Yuri Manga: Magie Paire, Volume 1

February 18th, 2008

If you are a fan of Kokoro Library, Pure Marionation (Volume 1 and Volume 2,) or Cassiopeia Dolce (running now in Yuri Hime S,) you’ll definitely want to take a look at Magie Paire, for yet another Takagi Noboyuki Yuri comedy with a healthy dollop of service.

Maria is starting classes at an exclusive private school, where all the other girls seem to be obsessing about becoming a “Paire” with one of the older students. Tall, classical Japanese beauty Reina-sempai seems to be the choice person to be admired. Maria states plainly that she has no interest in pairing with anyone – so of course when the chips are down and she’s threatened, who else could it be who comes to the rescue but Reina? To Maria’s surprise, Reina manifest a magic weapon. To her even more considerable shock, *she* manifests a similar weapon and they fight off the threat. But when everyone congratulates her upon becoming Reina’s “Suite” she refuses point blank.

You can guess that they do become paired, can’t you? :-) Reina is the only remaining Magie on the student council unpaired, so the other members are pleased as punch. She is the “Rayf Master,” a master of Fire. (As soon as I figure out which language these names are butchering, I’ll fix the transliterations, promise. )

The problem, Maria insists, is that she can’t DO magic. Big-ass magic sword notwithstanding.

She’s right, of course. She and Reina wander off into the practice forest to practice and are immediately attacked by a host of things. Among the things is the “cute mascot thing,” a Fukuma, which proceeds to be as “cute” as possible. You know, drools, vomits, steal panties, all the usual “cute” things that just endear us to such creatures. The Fukuma also spends a lot of its time riding on Maria’s head, so we’re never free of its presence. And Maria doesn’t seem to be able to do magic, unless the chips are, indeed, down.

There is, as I mentioned, a lot of service. Takagi’s girls spend a fair amount of time dressing and undressing, bathing, swimming, etc. This is another Gum comic, the same company that has the Wani imprint, so it comes as no real surprise. The service here is much as it is in Pure Marionation where it’s constant, but sort of the soft cute to fanboys, but not to me, kind of cute. If you know what I mean. It’s still stealing panties and bathing, cute or not. And since we’re talking Takagi here, you get blushy baby faces on over-developed bodies, as well.


Art – 6 (+2 if you like his style)
Story – 7, then -1 after the Fukuma shows up
Characters – 7
Yuri – 5
Service – 7

Overall – 6

The plot is fine, sort of Marimite meets Harry Potter, but I sure wouldn’t mind losing the panty shots and Fukuma vomiting bits. :-)

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