Yuri Light Novel: Shiroyuki Gakuen Oneesama Itadakimasu!

March 6th, 2008

I wasn’t planning on doing a review today at all, but as long as I could keep it short, I thought I might manage one. Of everything on my “to review” pile, the thing I have the least to say about is Shiroyuki Gakuen Oneesama Itadakimasu!.

This light novel is about Kuramoto Yuuri, and her next door neighbor who admires (and desires) her, Takanawa Seiro. Yuuri is the perfect onee-sama; classic beauty, smart, all the girls adore her, etc. For her part, she enjoys the adoration, surrounding herself with blushing young beauties and playing with their feelings. Little does she know that she is *so* perfect that there is a group of evildoers out to get her. Seiro arrives on the scene fortuitously and saves her. The whole truth comes out – Seiro is actually an alien and the enemy is a group of aliens (who wear silly catgirl costumes) called the Black Cat somethingorother and who are out to get Yuuri for her DNA.

The rest of the book is basically all the characters having sex. Seiro and Yuuri are actually in love, so their sex is consensual and kind of sweet. The rest of the sex is either punishment, coercion or non-con.

…and that’s all there is to say and about this book, really.  ^_^

There’s pictures, it is a Light Novel after all. There’s nothing at all to say about them.

The only thing left to say, really, is that after I read it, I noticed that the author has a website listed so I went to visit it, expecting to find a hack like myself who wrote this for a paycheck. But no…this is a professional author who (according to his author’s note) intended this book to be a science fiction novel. When I stopped laughing I said to the wife, “You know, just saying that the girl is an alien does NOT make a story science fiction.” ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 2 unless you look at it as a comedy, then 3
Characters – 3 we know *parts* of them very well
Yuri – 10
Service – 10

It dawned on me that the Service rating is really a tremendously crucial thing – other Yuri bloggers are all male and don’t discriminate between stuff like this and stuff like, say, Love My Life. Sure they are both Yuri, but there’s Yuri and there’s this. ^_^

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    Have you heard about Young Gun Carnaval (light novel)?
    It has plenty of Yuri inside;

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