Yuri Manga: Yozora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime

March 10th, 2008

 Yozora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime (The Prince Night Sky and the Princess of the Sunrise) isn’t bad at all. For what it is. Which is another collection of stories from Yuri Hime magazine. Almost every story takes place in school, with the exception of the one Lady and her loyal ninja story. There are a few kisses and even the implication of more once or twice.

It’s not like this collection is bad – it isn’t. And there’s a general cheerful tenor. Nothing particular connects the stories – they remain exactly what they always were – Yuri one-shots. I didn’t dislike this collection – in fact, preferred the collection to the individual stories, as I am wont to do – but nothing really stands out here as exceptional. There’s happy Yuri, sad Yuri, slightly disturbing Yuri, funny Yuri, but it’s all much of a muchness. (Like Otome Cake, I mostly picked this volume up while I was in Tokyo because I was in Tokyo and it was there.) Like Last Uniform I don’t hate Hakamada’s work, but I can’t quite like it, either.

If you love her art or stories, then definitely get this book – I think it’s a damn sight better than Last Uniform. If you’re on the fence, save your money for something better like Rakuen no Jouken.


Art – 5
Characters – 5
Stories – 5
Yuri – 7
Service – 2

Overall – 5

As I glance over the collection I’m struck by an alternate opening to this review – “There are eight million stories in the Yuri City. These are a few of them.” I know very, very few of my readers will get that reference. I apologize. But it did strike me that way. ^_^

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