This Week in Yuri

March 15th, 2008

There was no way we were gonna beat last week, was there? :-) It was pretty quiet this week, in fact.

The Yuricon translation project proceeds steadily. We now have a Japanese-language Site Map to add to our Index and Links pages, with more to come!

Yuri Hime S Volume 4 is out this week on March 18, so get those orders in for more Yuri goodness!

And to wrap up this week, Yuricon and ALC will be at Table 419 in the Dealer’s Room at Anime Boston next weekend. We’ve got a Yuri Panel at 3PM on Saturday, March 22 – all ages welcome – and Sean Gaffney and I will be doing a Fanfiction Writing Workshop on Friday, March 21 at 9PM. (Which ought to be fun, since Sean and I write completely differently in nearly every way. Fight to the death? Probably not – I think he breaks too easily. LOL) We’ll have a bunch of Yuri manga and Yuri related goods for sale…and I even have a few giveaways for the Yuri Panel. See you all there!

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    What do you think has been the best year in Yuri?

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