Anime Boston, Day 1

March 22nd, 2008

Had a few things I wanted to share from yesterday.

The Fanfic Workshop…. Apparently there was a glitch and the Fanfic Writing Workshop never made it onto the paper schedule, only the Fanfic Panel. So we arrived there, only to find another group there already. That was fine with us, so we left them to it. We were told there was a glitch, no one saw a FF workshop on the schedule so we left and went to dinner. While at dinner, we got a call that the Workshop was listed on the room schedule and on some TV schedule we never saw, but we were already eating, so we passed. So, long story short, no workshop. My apologies to anyone who planned to come see us. It was simply some human errors and nothing personal. If it helps, our dinner was excellent. :)

And other than these teeny little things, everything here has been lovely. The folks at Anime Boston have been incredibly accommodating, pleasant and really helpful.

Secondly, here’s two amusing stories. One, a girl came up to the table to say that four years ago, she did an 11th grade book report using Shoujoai ni Bouken as the subject – despite it not actually being a book then. Lol I thought that was great. She was ecstatic to get it as an actual book.

Secondly, six years ago, I was having a conversation with a young artist in Toronto at Anime North, about American politics. We made a bet for $5CDN. I won the bet. But by that time a few years had passed, and we hadn’t run in to one another again since. In the intervening six years that artist, Svetlana Chakmova, creator of Dramacon and the upcoming Night School, has gained some fame ’round these parts. Every time a con chair mentioned that she was a guest, I always laughed and said, “Tell her she owes me $5CDN.” I’m sure they thought I was nuts.

Well, today, there in front of my table was Svetlana! She said that I probably didn’t remember her and of course, the first thing I said was, “You owe me $5!” She pulls out her wallet and says that she totally remembered, so when she saw I was going to be here, she made sure she had a Canadian fiver. LOL We both even remembered what it was that we made the bet over. LOL This just completely cracks me up. I am so framing that five dollars.

Otherwise, a very decent day, with lots of good people, and some not so good people and the usual crop of weird, belligerent or clueless people. Today’s going to be crazy. Yuri Panel at 3 – we *promise* to be there! :-) (Even though we’re all going to be named Bruce Pregger, because for some reason he’s listed as the only Panelist. Just another glitch. lol)

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3 Responses

  1. Chilipop says:

    You were at Anime North once? That’s pretty neat, I didn’t know you came to Canadian cons- AN is my favourite con.

    The fact that you made bets with Svetlana…cool quotient off the hook! I’m sorry, but I am a squealing fangirl for Dramacon.

    I don’t suppose you’d come and do panels @ AN again, would you?

  2. Ted says:

    Ted (Jeyl) here in line at the convention center. Current typing time is 11:33 and I’m typing this on my iPhone hoping to get registered in time for the Yuri panel. Three and a half hours to go in a three hour wait line. I might just make it……….

    I hope Bostonanime08 doesn’t glitch again with the Yuri panel. Otherwise they’ll me to deal with


    It’s 11:42, and they just told us registry is closed for today!

    Is Yurocon going to be here tomorrow as well?

  3. I was actually AN twice, anad am sort of vaguely bandying about going this year, but it’s not likely to happen.

    Panels at AN are out of the question – the panels person appears to have ceded all responsibility for panels to the various cliques that have overrun AN without actually being staff. I have no intention of getting involved in that Balkan land war.

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