Anime Boston, Day 2

March 23rd, 2008

The day started early, with a visit with a bunch of manga bloggers, arranged by Brigid Alverson of Mangablog. Had a nice chat with those folks, about various authors, and comments from fans and other blog-y type stuff, then had to run to be there for the DR opening.

The crowd was pretty unique, as compared with most other cons I’ve been to. For one thing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many people in costume ever at any other con, as I’ve seen here. It’s like every third person is in costume!

We had great, enthusiastic people at the table today. Lots of them – it was really stunning how many positive, supportive folks came by. My super special thanks to Ashara who was *amazing* at lending us a helping hand.

Never, ever have we had a more receptive, fun and open-minded Yuri panel audience. You guys were *fabulous* – we all said so after it was over. Everyone laughed at the right places, which makes us all happy. We described a couple of Yuri series that hardly anyone has ever heard of – and everyone was so happy to learn about them. (And, the guys at Media Blasters tell me that their Yuri titles were selling like hotcakes, so you Anime Boston folks are really putting your money where your mouth is, which is awesome.) Seriously – one of the best crowds ever.

I did two slides for the panel, because I knew I’d want to get all the Yuricon/Okazu URLs up and because I knew I’d get a question about my screensaver ‘o Yuri. “Where did you find all these lovely pictures?” it went this time. So I wrote up a slide:


4 chan




I’m sure people thought I was kidding about some of those.

We had a visit from Ted, sponsor of so many of the reviews here! He hung out with us, and we took him to dinner with us where we all had a great time over Mexican and drinks.

So, despite the shortness of this post, it was a reallllly long day, full of lots of good and pretty much no bad. I call this day a total win.

Sunday, last day of the con ahead – let’s see if we make it three for three for the win. ;-)

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6 Responses

  1. David says:

    As far as kidding about your sources… well, the #chans are a given of course, but considering that this Okazu post is the only google result for lesles.kimmel and jfgiktx, I’m going to have to call you on those. Do they really exist? Or, to ask my real question: if they’re filled with Yuri goodness, can you give links?

  2. Look up: jfgi

    The actual sentence should read, jfgi, k tx.

    The other was a typo on my part:

  3. Anonymous says:

    by jfgi. do you mean the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis?

  4. By “jfgi” I mean “Occam’s Razor.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Weeell. All things being equal it’s a bit of a leap to assume that the Jewish Federation of etc etc would have much to say on Yuri Anime.

    Jfgi? . . . jfgi? . . . sod it, I’ll just f**k*n google it . . . .


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