Free Comic Book Day Report

May 7th, 2008

Probably should have written this up Sunday, but was too tired from having fun on Saturday with the folks at Comic Fusion in Flemington, NJ. :-)

My deep and sincere thanks to Bill and Stacy, for being genuinely fabulous comic book store owners. In all seriousness, I’ve never been in a store that is so welcoming of men, women, kids and families. Everyone who walks through the door is treated like a friend – and there’s very little of the clubhouse atmosphere (I mean that figuratively and literally) one finds in many other stores.

There were three indie artists at the store, cheerfully drawing pictures of anything or anyone for anyone who asked. (Thanks Glenn for my spiffy picture of Yuriko!) Kids got figurines as extra gifts and there were free posters, so most people ended up with a pretty good pile of get. :-) I was pleased to note that the number of kids who came in and were polite and interested (and interesting) significantly outweighed the number who had issues and made me want to slap their parents. lol

The folks who helped out for the day, Dave, Beth and John, were also really nice and Beth and John were fetching in their costumes. The kids who came in in costume were adorable…of course. One little Wonder Woman gleefully told me that her father said that if she didn’t wear the costume, he would. We all giggled at how silly Daddy was. He would have looked *terrible* as Wonder Woman. Stacy told me that her favorite moment was when John’s two kids (all dressed up as various iterations of Iron Man) were asked by his wife ” Okay kids, blast Mommy!” so she could get a picture. lol

There was a lot of camraderie and fun, and Bill and Stacy were consummate hosts (as I know, because Stacy has been the consummate host in our Dealer’s Room for Yuricon events, as well) and really – it was a lovely day.

Comic Fusion is pretty much the nicest, friendliest comic and collectible store I have ever been in. Which is totally due to Bill and Stacy being two of the nicest, friendliest people around. (Stacy’s from California, she can’t help herself. lol)

Here’s what I always say – if you’re going to buy stuff anyway, why not do it from friends? Comic Fusion will order pretty much anything, and if you can’t find your fave manga, games or figurines at the book store, or you’d rather support a great local store than a monolithic corporation, visit Comic Fusion online or in person, and buy from friends.

Thanks again Stacy and Bill – I had a blast!

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