Belated Contest Congratulations

May 15th, 2008

I pretty much dropped the ball entirely in terms of promptly posting congratulations for the Millionth Visitor and 1000th post contests, simply because life got complicated. I apologize for that. However! I did not forget these fabulous people – their prizes have gone out and hopefully some have arrived and are being enjoyed even as I type. :-) (Kyle and Ariel, your prizes are going to go out shortly, with extra apologies for the delay.)

I’ve got a few seconds right now, so let me take a moment to congratulate all of our winners!

1000th Post Contest winners were: Kiarashi, Kyle, Yeo and Sheila!

There was no consensus on my best post. :-) It’s still up for grabs. lol

Millionth Visitor Contest winners: Michelle and Ariel, with a special thanks to Morina for sending a picture way back when Okazu turned 5 years old! Here are the winning pictures! (Click on the picture for the full size.)

Thanks Michelle for this fabulous picture! I always get a thrill when talented people send me art, because I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. But especially so when it’s a couple this attractive. ^_^







I just love these punky girls by Ariel, don’t you? If one of them had those East Village uber-hip, thick-framed glasses, I think I might swoon. lol







Morina sent this to me back in August, when Okazu turned 5…only she left it to *me* to write something clever on it. Sorry morina, I never had a chance to do that. ^_^;






I hope everyone enjoys the pictures – I know I did. And my genuine appreciation for everyone who entered one of the contests!


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2 Responses

  1. Eric P. says:

    They’re all good, but I think Ariel definitely did the coolest one

  2. grace says:

    it’s always great to see some cool art, but i have to say Michelle’s was so beautiful it left me going…ga-ga.

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