Eternal Alice Rondo Manga, Volume 4 (English)

May 15th, 2008

Having established that some of the characters are indeed gay-ish, and all of them broken, we arrive at the final volume of Key Princess Story: Eternal Alice Rondo, where everything that has been previously established will break down into complete chaos.

The sad truth is that Arisu is not real – she’s a construct created by Aruto, who apparently isn’t much for backstory. Suwa and Kirika find a something they can agree upon – that the other never be allowed to survive. And in the big climax Takion says a lot of things that mostly make no sense, and Aruto and Kiraha confess that they aren’t really related so its okay if they are in love. (Which begs the question why they were fighting so hard for so long against it?) In the end, Aruto becomes a “real” author by putting aside his fanfic and writing original work with Kiraha at his side.

I don’t know – ya think there’s a moral in that story? It might have been too subtle, I think Kaishaku needed to make it more obvious. (This is me rolling my eyes.) Although I did like the little touch of making the original author of the Alice stories completely *crazy* and unreliable.

I’ve read this series now twice, in English and Japanese, and really, it’s just not good. I don’t plan on reading it ever again. Dan – I give it all to you in an effort to assist you in grooming your inner LFB. And good riddance. ^_^


Art – 4
Story – 4
Characters – 4
Yuri – 1
Service – 7

Overall – 4

Again, this is one of those books that I have lost the receipt for, so I don’t know who I am thanking. Please let me know, so I can credit the person who sponsored today’s review!

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