Yuri News this Week – May 17, 2008

May 17th, 2008

Yuri Anime

Top story this week is the news out of Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment that the DVD release of Maria-sama ga Miteru Season 1 will have have two subtitle tracks, one of which will include the honorifics. The original preview version has translated honorifics, so “Sachiko-sama” becomes “Lady Sachiko.” I know that I’m not the only one who cringed at that.

Interestingly, after Erin gave us the good news, I received an email from RS/N, informing me of the new track, and offer me a preview of episode one. Of course I’ll report back asap. In the meantime you can get a look at the Trailer on the Right Stuf page!


Snatches of Yuri

Of course, now that I have given this section a title, everyone is shooting suggestions at me – regardless of the validity. lol

Of course flashes of Yuri are always welcome, but it doesn’t always make a series a Yuri series. :-)

Michelle suggests Koisuiren by Kakinouchi Narumi, creator of Vampire Princess Miyu. in her words “I would say that Shoubu x Suiren definintely smell of it more than Miyu x Himeko, Miyu x Yui, etc.”

While in no way a Yuri manga, Amuria in Star Ocean running in Dengeki Daioh has had some Yuri-service. Enough to be mentioned, anyway.


Yuricon News

There’s been a ton of updates at Yuricon.

In our continuing quest to translate most of the site into Japanese, we now have Japanese language versions of the Yuriko Page and Shop Index. To assist navigation, on pages with both English and Japanese versions, on the one, you have the option of the other now.

There’s some new Links – including Rinu’s terrific Czech-language website.

Thanks to Kimberly Johnson for her fantastic new Essay on Yuri Anime!

New Yuri manga and light novels available on the Yuricon Shop:

Last Uniform, Volume 3

S.S. Astro, Volume 1

Strawberry Panic Light Novel, Volume 3

WORKS preorder

And, as always, more to come!

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4 Responses

  1. ajshepherd says:

    The two subtitle tracks on the Maria-sama DVDs are a brilliant idea. That really bodes well for the release.

  2. Phil L. says:

    Maybe two subtitle tracks could become a new trend with anime releases? If not, it’s still an interesting option

  3. Anonymous says:

    How much Yuri does S.S.ASTRO have? One of the teachers is supposedly in love with the main character. Is it one-sided, then, as in Azumanga Daioh? Possibly reciprocated, as in ToriKoro? Or, best of all, mutual?

  4. grace says:

    i am SO glad Right Stuff/Nozomi will provide two subtitle tracks for Maria-sama. i know which one i’ll be using. my eyes practically popped out when Sachiko was introduced as Lady Sachiko in the trailer. looking forward to your comments once you view the first ep, Erica!

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