Light Novel: Maria-sama ga Miteru: Margaret ni Ribon

June 5th, 2008

In Maria-sama ga Miteru: Margaret ni Ribon, White Day is approaching and Yoshino, Shimako and Yumi have all gathered at the Rose Mansion to plan a way to return the chocolates that they received on Valentine’s Day. They decide to buy candies and make small bags that they will decorate. As they decide on the forms, materials and decorations of the bags, each conversation leads into a short story.

The first story picks up with the current life of former Rosa Chinensis, Mizuno Youko, first-year law student, but forever meddler and onee-sama to everyone around her. Youko’s determination to be a completely different person – say, someone like Sei – fails utterly.

Then we take a moment to look at former Rosa Foetida, Torii Eriko’s, relationship with Yamanobe. This story was the best in the book, as she meets, befriends and ultimately agrees to be rivals with, Yamanobe’s daughter. It was a short story, but very touching and beautiful. We get to see a side of Eriko we’ve never seen before. Great story.

Sean will be happy with the next story, as we follow former Rosa Gigantea, Satou Sei’s, side of the trip to Italy with Kei, her decision to not see or be seen by Shimako, and her immense satisfaction with the parakeet joke. ^_^

Then comes a very short, but absolutely excruciatingly adorable vignette as the three Rosas (and yes, although Rei and Sachiko have not yet graduated, they are acting Rosas) consider dropping the “-san” from each other’s names. While they do manage to call each other by their first names only, they mutually decided that it’s pretty much too embarrassing, so they scrap the idea. It was brutally cute. ^_^

In the course of their conversation, Shimako offhandedly refers to her personal situation that I never told you when I reviewed Kira Kira Mawaru, because it was a spoiler. I am going to continue to not tell you, because it continues to be a spoiler.

The next two stories follow Yumi after she leaves the school. In the first, she runs into Shizuka, who has returned home for a funeral, and in the second she makes her hatsumode (first shrine visit of the year) to an Inari shrine with Touko.

The last story follows the adventures of Yumi’s blue umbrella after she loses it in Rainy Blue. In ten days it is witness to several lives in transition. ^_^ We learn that the person who sewed it up was a guy – he chose pink because it was a cheerful color and he didn’t have blue. ^_^

In the Afterword, Konno Oyuki comments that she didn’t actually set out to name the book after two Shueisha comic magazines (Margaret and Ribon), really. But she realizes that no one will believe her anyway. ^_^Also, she addresses the issue of Sachiko’s graduation and whether this series will end. Do I tell you what she said or not? Do you really want to know? Let me know!


Art – 7
Story – 9
Characters – 9
Yuri – 2
Service- 6

Overall – 9

This was probably my favorite of all the short story collections. The stories were fun, touching and we got to see the former Rosas just a bit. A wonderful book to sit and read on a beautiful spring afternoon. ^_^

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  1. I vote for hearing what she said! :D

  2. grace says:

    I’m scared. I want to know but I don’t want to know. But knowing would be better – I can prepare myself for the inevitable – Sachiko can’t stay at Lillian forever. Life goes on. Oh, I’m starting to get sad…

    I’m curious about the current life of Mizuno Youko. She’s quite the willful one! That story (well, all the stories) sounds great. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yep, I want to know too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh please do tell…Deary, deary deary,deary,deary,deary,deary PLEASE!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, do tell. I know what answer I want, but I’d rather know the answer than not, even if its the other one.

  6. Victoria says:

    It’s not going to end w/ Sachiko’s graduation, is it? ‘Cuz if it was, you’d be ranting on your blog and crying your eyes out with the rest of us instead of dangling the answer in front of your readers like candy. :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know some people can’t imagine Yumi without Sachiko. However, another year of Yumi with less Sachiko has to be better then dragging things out further with all these side stories. I hope in the next book that she finally gets on with the main plot and then chooses to continue until Yumi’s graduation since the story has been mainly about Yumi from the start.

  8. Now it’s one way to resolve all those loose ends. :)

    As far as the fate of the story is concerned, I can only imagine myself tying a hachimaki round my head and taking a deep breath because I’m preparing to know her fate.

    Some sort of a coincidence of hearing about that, as yesterday I officially “retired” my MMOG character — I’m using her name as an in-game-name (IGN) — after two years of playing on-and-off. Fact is, some of my guildmates regard me as a “den mother” for all of them because of my seniority.

    Sometimes even I have to move on. It’s been a honor to play the game and have some mutual respect.

  9. Okay then here goes:

    She has said that with Sachiko’s graduation, the Yumi/Sachiko edition of Marimite will come to an end. In the afterword, she says that Sachiko’s graduation has pretty much been the end point that both Yumi and she have been facing.

  10. Rich says:

    I always thought the story would be *more* interesting when Yumi had to go on without Sachiko always there beside her. I also wanted to see Yumi act more “Grande Soeur”-like, too. You know, what kind of Rosa Chinensis would she turn out to be? (And who would Touko take for a petit soeur?)

    I can already see Yumi moping around the school for the first few weeks of her third year. Sort of a continuation of her development in Rainy Blue/Parasol when she realized how Sachiko-obsessed she was.

    I also want to see Yoshino try to develop a relationship with Nana, and see Yoshino deal with Life Without Rei, too.

    Oh well, so much for that.

  11. Victoria says:

    The Yumi/Sachiko Edition’s ending? Does that mean that there’ll be a new edition of Marimite?

  12. Anonymous says:

    “She has said that with Sachiko’s graduation, the Yumi/Sachiko edition of Marimite will come to an end. In the afterword, she says that Sachiko’s graduation has pretty much been the end point that both Yumi and she have been facing.”

    Perhaps this means the series will turn into a Yumi alone or Yumi/Touko/YamaYurikai series. Yumi/Sachiko implies Sachiko will still be around a whole lot and Yumi will constantly worry about her. From that statement, it seems like that. Correct me of course! I don’t have the original text, so.D:

    I am also in favor of seeing Yumi’s 3rd year!! A major theme they keep going back to is what each rose family member passes on to one another, and how they’ve grown(insecure Youko growing up, for example). Not to mention Suga Sei’s and Sachiko’s Grandmother/Yumiko’s episode where they show just how long these relationships can last.

  13. Rich says:

    If she only means that she doesn’t want to end the Yumi/Sachiko “arc” yet, I can totally understand that. Sachiko is a really fun character– almost as much fun as Sei. Sachiko’s family life alone is novel-worthy. I want to see Sachiko take over the Ogasawara Group instead of the 銀案王子様.

    But if she means that she’s ending the whole series, then I’ll have to admit to being bummed out at not seeing Yumi’s Rosa Chinensis, and not watching more Yumi/Touko fun.

    I need to go ahead and order the book so I can read it myself. (And I need to get caught up, too.)

    She could easily write another 30+ books and still sell them in massive quantities. (To LFBs like me.) But I’d also understand it if she’s tired of writing this series.

  14. Pyeknu says:

    Quick question: Is Yamanobe-sensei’s given name ever given in this story?

  15. BruceMcF says:

    Oh, edition

    … well, then, I’m all for doing it all over again. Start with the star of the new edition a regular first year who becomes, by etc. etc. the little sister of a Rose-in-the-Bud, with Yumi as one of the main supporting cast of Roses.

    Different personality for the Rose-in-the-Bud, so different personality for her little sister and different hi-jinks that bring them together … and we still get to see Yumi as Rosa Chinensis.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i’m really upset after i read the info… i’d really wish she wouldn’t end it or specifically the sachiko/yumi edition as she it was. i became a fan because of the pairing and if it were to end then my interest would dissipate… -sigh- (selfish

    oh well, nothing lasts forever…

  17. yakusoku says:

    Well, I think that Sachiko’s role would slowly diminish (in terms of making Yumi’s life richer). But I was looking forward in seeing sachiko/yumi/touko. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? LOVE TRIANGLE! lol I don’t have a cipy of the novel.. but based from my observation on the 4th season on the anime, it’d more of touko/yumi.. and other side stories.. hahaha. I’m also excited to witness Yumi as Rosa Chinensis.

  18. Quetta says:

    I would love to see this animated. I hope they continue to make season 5. I didn’t fully satisfied with the last season. which mainly only about yumi struggle with touko. i understand that take time, but they dragging and stretch out the storyline that the whole season end up only about them. the other characters only get few parts to appear. lots of fans wish to see more. about yoshino & nana, about shimako & noriko, about the former roses youko, eriko, & sei after they graduate, and about yumi & touko after they being seour. I’m not satisfied that the anime end up only with yumi was dreaming give her rosary in the bus. i want to see the actual scene.

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