Event: "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence" Lecture at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

June 13th, 2008

Just a heads up for all the New York City-area readers we have here.

Tomorrow, Saturday June 14, at 1:PM, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, as part of a New York citywide exploration of Japanese culture and art, is showing the Ghost In The Shell: Innocence movie.

I will be introducing the movie, and doing a short Q&A afterward.

The movie begins at 1PM, I’ll be doing my intro at about 12:45. It all takes place in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Forum on the 4th floor. Admission to the movie is free with admission to the museum. If you pay for a Muakami exhibit ticket, you get to see that exhibit, the rest of the museum AND the movie, so I hope you’ll come early and take in the great art, then join for Ghost In The Shell: Innocence!

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4 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    “Young girls transformed into android dolls fight back.” ?????

    My ghost is about to jump ship and abandon me. Has anybody there given some time to ever read the wiki article on the movie? I’ve seen everything about GitS and I can’t even begin to describe what is going on in there but nobody transformed young girls into android dolls. If I say more I’ll just spoil the movie but this is just wrong.

  2. Is that from the museum’s description of the movie? If it is, I’m not surprised. It’s not like the intern they ask to write the copy has a clue what the movie is about.

    You can be sure that I have at least a clue, so the lecture won’t be that bad, hopefully. :-)

  3. Jo says:

    I took the phrase from the link to the Brooklyn Museum at your main post.

    Good luck with the Q&A :)

    Whoever wrote the description should be forced to spend a week to see GitS, and not the English VA version. I really hope that it isn’t the one that will give the lecture.

  4. I’m giving the lecture. So no fear about that.

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