New Season Summer 2008 Anime: Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

June 24th, 2008

Ikkitousen returns, with bigger breasts and less sense than ever before. Moving on from merely double D size, Ikkitousen is now a hefty GG (ostensibly for Great Guardians, but duh, we’re not so stupid as to have missed the point. )

Ikkitousen:GG is a slightly alternate universe for Ikkitousen, which basically means nothing to us at all except that Ryoufu is no longer dead and her hale and hearty heart, which beats once again in a hefty chest, is set against Ryomou as her rival. Not a rival *for* anything particular (yet!) just someone to slam around in as many fights as possible.

My beloved Ryomou, sadly, is made to obsess over Saji, instead of following Goei with her eyes the way she did in the original series. I don’t mind, since we already know that as anime goes, Saji’s a reasonable lover. Nonetheless, I don’t expect a happy ending for them.

Since Ryoufu was resurrected – so far, anyway – without Chinkyuu, and Ryomou spends her time running after her erstwhile boyfriend, we turn our Yuri-hungry eyes upon our last, best hope and we are relieved, since not only does Kanu still have a raging crush on Ryuubi, she is in fact, turned completely, hopelessly, absurdly gay for her. Kanu Unchou, who once was nobility and power embodied, is now a comedic gimmick of raging lesbian hormones. Works for me. ^_^

Story? Oh, I imagine there will be something that can masquerade as a plot. For now, we are introduced to a new character who adds a whole new fetish to the lineup and, to be honest, it’s a fetish that really needed to be added. We *finally* have a character who will get captured, undressed and almost raped at least once a show and not fight back (yet!). As an added bonus, she will scream “Oniisama!” and “Oneesama!” annoyingly, so the segment of the population that finds that appealing will finally have someone to care about. Phew for them.

Never high art, if you go into Ikkitousen with anything other than resignation and amused tolerance, you are bound to be disappointed. If you were worried that Ryomou may no longer be wearing underwear or that Ryofu’s breasts are somehow not as large as before she died, then you will be mightly pleased at the new series.


Art – Hah!
Story – Snort
Characters – LOL
Yuri – That too
Service – Are you kidding me?

Overall – Not too bad, considering it’s utter crap

I’m almost relieved that this series drops the Romance of the Three Kingdoms tie-in since, in a lot of ways, it just got in the way of the panty shots.

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2 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Pretty much, I love your ratings on this one! ;) The snorting and laughing… Priceless…

    I can say I’m happy they made this series just to hear a review like that :)

    I guess that is one show I will not be watching in the Yuri section.

  2. Don’t get me wrong – I love Ikkitousen. lol

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