Seven Seas Says Strawberry Survives

July 9th, 2008

Breaking news!

Seven Seas was kind enough to let me know that their Strawberry line of Yuri manga is *not* on hold. In fact, Strawberry Panic Light Novel, Volume 2 is out *right now*. You should of course run right out and order it because it is utterly cracktastic.

Actually, while I’m talking about this book, let me warn you in advance that the translation is EXCELLENT. It’s just that the original text is really quite laughably bad. LOL (See my review of the Japanese volume here.) I’ll definitely review the English edition asap, because I want to see how they handled the overblown goings on at Astrea Hill. :-)

In any case, thanks Seven Seas for clearing that up – we look forward to more Yuri from you!

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  1. Sleepy says:

    Thanks for the update!!! I just had a quick look of your review of the Japanese version – definitely worth checking out!!!

  2. Judging from the initial preview of yours, that’s gonna be knockout entertainment, and yeah, Ana also send up the notice for this volume on her blog. :D

    Offtopic: Patrick Macias shows up the latest issue of Otaku USA and included in the issue is a DVD which has the first episode of… Yeah, Marimite!

  3. DezoPenguin says:

    Darned Amazon, not shipping my preorder until next week! Ah, well, that’s the price of free. But if volume 1 is anything to judge by, the “laughably bad” original writing is literally true. Seriously–I read the table of contents out loud and my wife nearly fell out of her chair laughing.

    A bonus here, of course, is that a comedy series is perfect for buying now even if Vol. 3 is still on TBA status…getting there is way more than half the fun.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Meh. I preordered volume one 8 months ago, and still haven’t received it. Don’t see it in stock right now at amazon or a couple other places I shop. Frankly, no longer interested.

    This isn’t the first problem I’ve had with them either. SS has been pretty pathetic at actually getting product out (though not quite as bad as Infinity Studios), so I’ll probably be passing on anything else they release unless I come across an actual physical volume in a bookstore.

  5. Anonymous – you misunderstand the ordering process. Unless you place an order with a bookstore, they are unlikely to put a book on the shelf, when it it is from a relatively small, niche publisher.

    So, chances are that you will never see that book on the shelf, because the bookstore has not yet mastered the art of reading your mind.

    As for the delays – once again, 7S has been pretty transparent about delys in shipping and production. So, the fact that some of the book’s release dates were moved was not all that hard to learn. And the move to Tor ditribution definitely threw things off, as well.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Erica – You misunderstand what I was implying. I order the vast majority of what I buy from online stores like Amazon and RightStuf. I go to bookstores rarely, just when I happen to be near one and feel like looking around. The chances of me buying one of 7S’s books is now the combination of the slim odds of me being in a bookstore combined with the remote odds of the bookstore having said books in stock.

    And this is not the first or only incident, it’s just one that I happened to be reminded of by your blog post, and the thought that I just don’t feel like putting up with it anymore. Perhaps I’m just being moody and overly harsh. I’ll think about it again in a few months to see if it’s any better.

  7. Anonymous – No, I did understand what you were implying. It’s just that, for a lot of reasons, the book/comic market is the stupidest ordering system known to humanity, On or offline. It puts all parties at a distinct disadvantage. Publishers can’t ship books unless they have a distributor. Distros need order from bookstores and online outlets to place orders with publishers. Fans can’t get orders from stores filled, if distros don’t have books from publishers. Add to that that comic order have to be placed by readers some 3 months ahead, only complicates things further.

    IF publishers sold directly online, they *might* be able to take up some of that slack, but the truth is that people want to buy from online stores like Amazon or brick and mortar stores, where they can buy many things at once.

    There’s just nothing good about this system and I think its going to get a little worse before someone comes up with a solution.

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