Otakon, Ho~~!

August 7th, 2008

I’m off this AM to truck my car overstuffed with stuff down to Otakon where it will be my pleasure to not see the sun for three days, while I lurk in the most fun part of the con – the basement Dealer’s Room.

Other people go to the con for the guests, the music, the cosplay (no one goes for the anime, right?) I spend the weekend hanging with the Dealers and Industry. Frankly, I think it’s more fun in the DR than anywhere else in the con. ;-) We play “cosplay bingo.” lol

For those of you looking for good Yuri, Yuricon & ALC Publishing will be at Table 511, right next to Hen Da Ne which sells primarily heinous bodily-fluid spewing hentai Yuri doujinshi, so you can get some of that, too. But you’ll have to beat your way through the Yaoi fans. :-) Don’t forget to visit the Media Blasters table, too, where you can get Yuri anime – sold *as* Yuri, to Yuri fans. Revolutionary, isn’t it? If Right Stuf is there, demand Marimite box sets and freak them out with the overwhelming demand!

And once again, let me remind you that the Yuri Panel is on Friday at 1PM in Panel Room 1. That’s the big room, so let’s fill it up with Yuri fans and show Otakon that we love Yuri!

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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4 Responses

  1. Rinu says:

    …where it will be my pleasure to not see the sun for three days.
    Hehe, one of the best thing about it.
    Ganbatte and don’t forget about a report ;).

  2. GregC says:

    Hopefully I can break away from the AA to come over and say hi. Not to mention exchanging money for goods.

  3. Dop says:

    Yuri anime – sold *as* Yuri, to Yuri fans.

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts on Otoboku being sold under the ‘Yuri Fan’ label, considering the main character is a guy.

  4. That’s an interesting case. Japanese LFB Yuri fandom considers that a “Yuri” anime, because the girls who fall for him think he is a girl.

    I spoke with a MB guy about that and he bascially said that he has no idea why it was chosen for the Yuri line. When they asked me originally about it, I was like – not so much on the Yuri. But that decision was made somewhere along the line. They’ve asked me to review it, and I will, but, yeah.

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