Maria Watches Over Us Anime, Volume 2 (English)

August 14th, 2008

From the perspective of having read so far into the novels that I have already “met” Nana, Yoshino’s prospective soeur, it was a huge step back to watch Volume 2 of Maria Watches Over Us, “meet” Yoshino once again, and watch her transform in front of Yumi from an apparently meek, mild and submissive soeur into the banshee we know and love.

There were so many things that interested me about the “Yellow Rose Revolution” arc the first time around and twice as many this time. But the one thing I want to point out is that where later, in Rainy Blue, Rei complains that Yoshino wields herself as a weapon against her, in Kibara Kakumei, Yoshino calmly points out that Rei uses herself as a shield. I was once again blown away by the detail and continuity in Konno’s writing.

One of the big complaints western fans have about about Marimite as a series is that is starts off very Yuri, but never has payoff – i.e., there’s no melodramatic protestations of love and/or snogging. But for my dollar, the end of “Rosa Canina” is about as sexy as hell. More so, when you remember that in the novels, that arc came after Ibara no Mori and we know that Sei is potentially gay. I say “potentially”, because after reading Ibara no Mori I allowed for some wiggle room, but after Rosa Canina was convinced that Sei is gay and knows it.

The translation for these episodes was generally good, with one notable gaffe, in which the “Lillian Kawaraban” is translated as the “Lillian Ledger” in dialogue, but the “Lillian Gazette” in text. Woops. ^_^

The extra with the recap of Yoshino returning Rei’s rosary still makes both myself and the wife giggle until we hurt. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 8
Characters – 9
Yuri – 4 (Rei and Yoshino love each other more than anyone else in the world, and Sei kisses Shizuka. Nice.)
Service – 0

Marimite Fan – 100

Overall – 9

I know Sean disagrees with me on this but for me Shizuka x Sei is the hottest pairing in the series. ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I always thought Rosa Canina was sort of an odd character. She shows up, she screws around with the Giganteas (not literally… I think) and then she leaves for Italy and is almost never seen again. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her, but it sort of seemed like a side plot that never went anywhere.

    Other than the Italy trip, does she show up again in later novels?

  2. Yes. In the most recent novel, as it happens.

    But, if you’re tallying characters that are tangential, you’d have to add in Katsura, Mifuyu, Miyuki and a host of other characters that appear to color the various stories.

  3. HtoK says:

    Yay! Just received my box set. Lols at Nozomi using the screenshot of Sei reaching into Yumi’s uniform as one of three pictures to define the entire second volume.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all your reviews, Erica! The thought of ordering my DVDs at the end of the month is really the only thing keeping me working, lol.
    Seeing you mention Ibara No Mori, I was wondering what you (as a fellow loser marimite fangirl) thought on the idea of Konno-Sensei revisiting that story, either showing Shiori’s side of things or maybe having the two meet again, with Sei finally, finally being able to let go of her. I guess she’s said all she needs to, but I always felt that that arc had never quite closed (and I think Sei feels the same, although as her hair gets shorter she seems to cope better).

  5. punistation says:

    “Sei is gay… and knows it.”

    It’s that second part that makes her so much more awesome.

    Cheers for the openly gay schoolgirl who’s pretty, popular, part of the school’s worshipped hierarchy, swamped with friends AND looks good with messy unkept hair.

  6. Shion – Personally, I think that story is as resolved as it’s going to get. I’d much rather spend time with the current Sei – or a future Sei who has a gf and knows who she is – or step back and meet the Sendai Rosas, who so beautifully manipulated Youko, Sei and Eriko when they were merely first and second years. :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    As perhaps the only 35-year old male fan of this series in existence, I thank you for your informative, insightful writings on Maria Watches Over Us. Do you happen to know when Rightstuf is planning to release the 2nd season?

  8. Anonymous – Maybe it’s a newsflash to you, but it’s pretty well known that the large majority of the anime fanbase is 35-year old FanBoys, just like you.

    I suggest looking at the RighStuf website for news of the second season – after all, they are the ones who are distributing it and are likely to post when they have news like that.

  9. jovvijo says:

    *Whimper*. This is such a beautiful Anime!! I seriously thought I’d like it, but not LOVE it the way I do! What is it that just draws you into their lives? And the art is mouthwatering!
    I thought Simoun was the apex in my anime collection and now…

    p.s. Am I the only one who really adores Rei and Yoshino? Aren’t they so like a married couple? ^_^

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