Battle Club Manga, Volume 4 and 5 (English)

August 20th, 2008

Battle Club is one of those manga that I read, then immediately think “Why am I reading this?” I’m not desperate for the sight of breasts or crotch shots, and I’m not enamored of bathroom humor. So after asking myself “why?” pretty much every single time I finish a volume of this, I can only come up with two possible answers: 1) I’ll read just about anything and, 2) I’m taking one for *you,* my loyal readers, so you don’t have to. ^_^; You’re welcome.

To be blunt, there’s nothing good about Battle Club. It scrapes the bottom of the gutter with every issue. In a bizarro way, it’s still sort of entertaining, if only to watch the author flail as he has to come up with new set-ups for the same three gags (“accidental” breast nudi

Volume 4 is pretty much Yuri-free, but has lots of the usual service as the members of the Swan HS wrestling club take on the nefarious – and rather irritating – members of the absurdly named N.O.B. organization. Tamako loses, which crushes her ego for a whole *chapter,* before eating a lot of curry and beating a bunch of guys up, which cheers her up right away. I can sort of sympathize with this. Beating people up makes me happy too. :-)ty, crotch shots, hard-on/pee jokes.) I love the pointless attempt to include something like a plot in the middle of these three things over and over. Very amusing.

Volume 5 continues the N.O.B. arc, and implies that there’s a real plot behind this all, but in reality the important scene is when the “lesbian” Vice Manager of the club, Higuchi, fake-kisses bathing-suit wearing loli Koumoku for mouth-to-mouth, then precedes to strip her and assumably do something naughty, or something. We are archly reminded that the VP is a lesbian, because we might have forgotten – or more likely thought that she was really a bottom-feeding guy. She is also seen later with a gaggle of female attendants giving her a tongue bath. Lesbians always do that, too. Mukoda almost fake-kisses Tamako, but doesn’t. The rest of the volume is cluttered up with wrestling and revenge and other uninteresting plot stuff.

Hey – did you know that girls wear underpants? But not bras, apparently.


Art – 7
Story – 1
Characters – 3
Yuri – 2
Service – a million

Overall – 4

Thanks to today’s heroes, Dan P. and Everett L. for sponsoring yet another Okazu review. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Now can you get me something *not* scuzzy to read? ^_^

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  1. JazzCat says:

    You know, you could also just admit that you like because you obviously do, judging from your reviews. There is nothing wrong with liking pulp in and of itself.

    I myself also have a fondness for manga and anime series with subject matters that should normally not interest me—like Ikki Tousen. It’s often very hard to pinpoint why exactly you like something, but it could be something small, like that one character’s quirks, or that one voice actor in a minor role.

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