Yuri News This Week – October 4, 2008

October 4th, 2008

Not much new Yuri anime coming out, but there’s plenty of places to get our fix. :-)

Yuri Anime

Viz and Joost have announced that they have done some deal or other, the details of which aren’t really interesting to anyone but them, but the bottom line is, we get free, legal, streaming video of Ikkitousen. Should we want it. :-)

Right Stuff announces another excitingly dynamic and really irritating new website, with the launch of the Aria webportal. Lots of moving postcards that morph into information, should you have the right browser.

Winterbraid tells us that El Cazador Volume 2 has been released in Poland. Winterbraid says of the series, “Volume 2 brings us episodes 6-10 and: more service on cover, more poor translation, more postcards. Well, maybe saying “poor” is too much; it certainly isn’t literary Polish, but the “I can bear it” to “uh…huh…” ratio is rather plausible in the few glimpses I took of it. Still, I can`t wait to witness the feast of linguistic creativity that will be the “okama” in the last episode. ^-^ And because we all want to put our fingers in the fire, I switched to gerdub for a few seconds… of course, you can’t judge the entire dub from, like, three seconds, but Nadie sounding twice her age was more than enough for me. ^-^;;” (Yes – we DO all want to put our fingers on the fire. I made it through about four words of the Mai Hime dub myself. lol)

The second episode of Shoujo Sect came out in Japan. The only thing I have to say about it is – harmonicas. (If you haven’t yet watched it, I know you just got the totally wrong idea when I said that. It’s not what you’re thinking at *all*. lol)


Yuri Games

Amy K wants everyone to know that there’s a Yuri-related tabletop roleplaying game that’s been recently released entitled Maid: The Roleplaying Game. (Mostly she wanted a new category added to this report. lol) She points out that this game “is basically an emulation/parody of the maid/harem/etc. genre, and is intended to be “funny sexy”, if that’s possible. Oh, and the samples of play in the book are virtually all yuri-flavored, so it’s pretty clear the intention is that the maid PCs are intended to fall in love/seduce each other.” (Sounds great, doesn’t it? -_-; LOL)


Yuri Webcomics

Webcomic fans should head over to Wickerman Studios and take a look at Gun Street Girl, an interesting fusion of lesbians, violence and magic. Three great tastes that go great together. lol I’ve liked what I read so far. Also, if you’re an aspiring writer, the good folks at Wickerman are looking for bloggers to write reviews at their other site, mangalife.com. They aren’t paying, but it might be good for comp copies of books, so if you’re the collector type it could be a good deal!


Snatches of Yuri

And for the snatches file, this one is more for the gender-bendy crowd. Yen Press has released Angel Diary the story of an angel who was originally slated to be male, but made female to marry to the god of hell. She runs away to earth and hides as a boy. Wackiness ensues. It’s more of a fakey BL story, rather than the (to me) obvious Yuri path, but it seems pretty cute if you like female crossdressing and Gravitation-style pairings of boys. :-)

A manga called Kanojo-iro no Kanojo has blipped onto the Yuri radar. Looks like it certainly could contain Yuri, but I’m not getting my hopes too high.

On the other hand, AneImouto clearly has Yuri for the lesbian twincest and hentai crowds. It doesn’t sound very good, but I’ll let you know…should I just happen to accidentally add it to my next Amazon JP order. lol


Yuri Events

MangaNEXT has officially announced that Yuri manga artist Rica Takashima will be a guest of the convention – and I just happened to have had lunch with her today. She’s got a really exciting art piece planned for the event, somethnig that you can all take home with you and enjoy. :-) I hope you’ll all join us for the only manga-focused convention in the US! MangaNEXT is happening on Oct 31-Nov 2 in Somerset, NJ. Visit their website for registration and hotel info.


Other Yuri News

The Advocate article on Yuri hit the print edition this week and I’m told that the Blade article is now slated for November, so look for that when it comes out. The print version of the Advocate article has a lovely full-page cover image from Hatsukoi Shimai, some images from Shoujoai ni Bouken and a few pages from June Kim’s 12 Days reproduced in full. Visually, it was very good.


Once again this week had seven days, seven nights and a ton of Yuri!

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Yen Press has picked up quite a few Yuri-related manga titles: Sunshine Sketch, Zombie Loan, S.S. Astro, Suzunari, Bamboo Blade, Alice on Deadlines.

    Also slated for release by Yen Press are manga called Ichiroh! and Oninagi, which I can’t find any information on. Both have been reviewed on a Yuri blog, Yuri na Hibi, too bad I can’t read Japanese… And I don’t have confidence in the rating system of a blog which gave the same Yuri score to Free Soul and Shirley.

  2. Winterbraid says:

    It`s WinterBRAID, thank you very much. I know it sounds retarded and Winterbird would sound much cooler and it`s silly making a fuss about something like this, but it`s really hard to come up with a not overused alias these days, you know. ^-^

  3. Winterbraid – my sincere apologies. I’ve fixed that.

    anonymous – Depending on your definition of “Yuri,” Yen has picked up several titles of interest. Most of these have very borderline Yuri or implications of possible Yuri, or some light gender-bending.

    I can’t help but notice that Yen’s gunning for the moe crowd with most of these titles – especially if they add Ichiroh! for which I can’t even stand the *cover*. :-)

  4. Winterbraid says:

    Haha, no big deal. It`s just that you got it right last time, so I wanted to let you know I`m still the same person. And having an alias with only two Google results makes me feel like Charisma +2 already. ^-^;;

  5. neohrtgdv says:

    I already ordered my copy of Maid the RPG, I already play rpgs with friends and now I’ll have them play as maids (the intro looks actually nice)

    Glad to have Yuri news every week, I’m still hoping one day we’ll see a good Yuri-based game for a console

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