Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime S, Volume 6 Part 1

October 5th, 2008

Like its big sister publication, Yuri Hime, Yuri Hime S has gradually been growing in size and taking on a personality of its own. As I review it, think of me as a friend of S‘s big sister, and gradually finding the little brother to be more annoying than cute these days. ^_^

Once again characters from “Honey Crush” grace the cover and once again, I really wish they didn’t.

This is followed by color pages selling Yuri service in a variety of games and publications after which we are launched into a violent little tale of murder, moe and love, “Shinigami Alice.” Masaki comes across Hinageshi as she knifes someone to death. As she is drawn to Hina, Masaki finds that she wants to rescue the girl from her life as a assassin. By the end of this one-shot tale, they’ve kissed and walked off hand in hand into the sunset and are last seen having a nice cup of tea together.

It’s really, really hot out, but Shouko and Maho are walking in the sun at the beginning of “Yudachi Kibun.” Shouko’s pretty pissed because they *had been* in a nice, air-conditioned room kissing and now they are walking out in the sweltering sun to get to a filthy old abandoned house. It begins to rain, and Shouko loses it, jumping Maho, unable to summon up another second’s patience. Maho starts to cry. They walk home, and Maho admits to just cracking under pressure from Shouko to go further. They’ll go slower, they agree, as a bright rainbow forms above them.

“Flower Flower” takes a turn for the idiotic, as Shu tortures herself over having been seen naked by Nina, only to have Nina act as if she doesn’t recognize Shu at all. Shu gets up the gumption to ask Nina to marry her, but Nina laughs it off.

Hakamada Mera’s “Kaichou to Fukukaichou” finally moves into zOMG territory. Orienteering day has arrived and Pres and her VP are paired up. VP finds herself first, fantasizing about jumping the President and then, when the opportunity presents itself, distressingly close to actually doing it. On the one hand because this is a comic I want her to just do it already but, on the other hand, I remember clearly how insanely difficult it was to bridge that gap the first time.

Happy day! A story NOT about children! Thank you Yuri manga gods. Thank you Uso Kurata. “Kusari ha Mou Iranai” follows a suit- and glasses-wearing company sempai, Yoshino, and her kouhai, Aoi. They obviously have a relationship, but it’s not perfect. They’ve been trying to get together for a date to go shopping, but time is slipping away from them and the cracks are starting to appear in their relationship. When Aoi can’t find time for days and days on end to see Yoshino, Yoshino knows what’s coming. The coin drops when Aoi asks her to go to the roof for a private word. To avoid the pain of an ugly breakup, Yoshino offers a cheerful parting as an option, but Aoi’s reaction is to crumple into hysterics. She doesn’t want to break up – she wanted to give Yoshino a present. They cry in each other’s arms, kiss and make up and at the end of the story find themselves both free to love each other fully.

(This story was like me finding out that the annoying little brother had a friend who was my age who was pretty cool that I could become friends with…if you will allow me to drag out the metaphor a bit.)

“Love Cubic” contines to be a story I will not read. I know it’s the once-again poular new fetish, but not for me.

Kurogane Kenn’s “Konohana Link” begins to link up a bit, as the characters we met in the first chapter are finally encountering each other now. Chieri is officially introduced to her class, so we immediately switch off from her to two entirely new characters for whom we have no context. I expect eventually that this story will develop a story. ^_^

Matsudaira, having lost her faithful maid Miharu, is planning on getting married, she tells the Iinchou, in “Minus Literacy.” She’s got to do something about the money situation after all. But Iinchou convinces her that Miharu wouldn’t want that. Matsudaira runs off to see Miharu smile once more.

That’s about halfway, so I think we’ll pick this up again tomorrow, shall we? ^_^

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